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Colorful And Controversial: A Short History Of PETA Campaigns

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Peter the most radical defenders of Animal Rights groups you know kind back in nineteen eighty when they got kicked off again and Alex but shake oh was the student a George Washington University and there's a whole thing going down about monkeys that were being , news tonight whatHe it with is supposedly gonna benefit the rehabilitation of crippled linens and they've recorded, oh what they said at the time and showed in video where her at the conditions and police raided the laboratory they confiscated the monkeys they chars one of the doctors With animal cruelty the doctors convicted and six counts eventually convictions overturned appeal use lucky continues studies but Peter was not done but the fight, nineteen eighty won the silver Springs book is would transform peed into worldwide force from Animal Rights and then they had various cases they came forward with regard to the monkeys the Supreme Court ultimately rejected Peters appeal her custody resulting in the nineteen ninety win youth in Asia other maybe monkeys Peter a merchant legal struggle stronger than ever, a whole bunch of high profile cases they came be on the dog shot during a DOD medical training program cosmetic companies testing their products on rabbits car manufacturer's coit using life pig's in crashed tennis has the bacon over the years he organizations advertisements had become almost the shocking in controversial is the practices they seek to prevent campaigns against Ferrer fast-food chains circus is NASA Sea World and Tom that's right common Greenwich inch, com a Greenwich use a kid escape the Wrath of Peter in two thousand P opposed the showed a couse every bloody head above the words tea one fries without me cruelty to go another poster featured a mouse trapped inside upon bottle Palm kills animals, don't buy while animals died that was their campaign in twenty eleven, A four days after a short bit a twenty-nine year old while he was speaker fishing in the gulf with Mexico PJ released a poster of a shark Devour here human above the slogan pay back is hailed go freak and the second thing they are PETA said we tried it make are actions colorful an controversial there by grabbing headlines around the world in spreading the message of kindness to animals, two thousands some times millions of people