Hugh Hewitt On Late Term Abortions

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Not just, and making them better fifty-two pros brighter for us, with every tenth, memory only points really, to keep not and thirteen, with all due where I preaching dot org is a great place to start this messages furnish benefiting tweets in preparation station Virginia Association of Broadcasters joined Dr. David Jeremiah this Thursday's seven P.M. of of allies in center request your free tickets today, you're my had dot org slash, , listen, with that in mind for secure three to radio with three gasping, twelve sixty eight to the answer, from firearms and personal security to the offense of the second amendment, airing arms dot com is a clearinghouse for guns and I'm all, and the second amendment, but I knew we in Washington, some republicans are require the good Donald Trump's refusal will say that he wakes up there was also next month's presidential election if he loses South Carolina center let's ran for Trump is doing the country what he called a great disservice, turkeys deputy prime minister says his country is displeased with a sports us is giving to Syrian Curtis fighters those like to turkeys Curtis Rebels the private estar says x-ray is hoping that the new us president will keep his or her distance from the militia, and try to maintain good ties with a toe I'll I turkey, the Rockies special forces now entered a toner most all just hours after joining the massive operational retake the Islamic State held city ISIS militant some laced a number of suicide truck bombings during a have begun battle before the leader Rocky forced managed to into town of part Allen. ISIS has been Holik Mosul now for about two years, this is _S_R Indians, , yes, it's partly cloudy sixty-eight degrees at seven thirty one good morning I'm Scott Brady record warmth continues to cover the D.C. area Dallas International Airport seven you dealing record for the third straight day yesterday with a high of eighty seven degrees, four degrees warmer than the previous mark the WWI Marshall airports at its second straight record high eighty seven degrees beating the old record by five, a teenager from the district being held without bond after being charged in the murder of another team, despite an extended defense are you mean yesterday the merger charge against eighteen year old Kyler Jones, fans Jones accused of stabbing seventeen year old Kelly a minor to death Monday night in northwest Washington after the two argued over a cell phone on a Metro bus more than four hundred fifty Virginia, an Army National Guard soldiers are heading to the middle East later this month the soldiers are assigned to before del for based twenty ninth Infantry division, will be training at Fort pick it for about two weeks before their departure ceremony October thirtieth and servicemen will train for another thirty to forty five days in Texas before they had overseas, a plan to start bus rapid Transit service along rude one between Huntington in for Bell Vargas getting a boost from the federal government the federal Transit administrations granting the embark Richmond highway project four hundred thousand dollars a great was among sixteen given to projects nationwide now. Check on the road with about with the would roll Wilson bridge GM depth there with an accident effectively speaking at the Springfield interchange sixty six east out the Fairfax counting Parkway accidents off to the right shoulder delay speaking at the Prince when Parkway, accident fifteen inbounded Martin Luther team junior highways off to the right shoulder, slow traffic begins at one ninety seven Collins in Rhode into week ninety five northbound you're pointed go accidents off to the right shoulder Swatch for three filet there, three ninety five northbound delays belly headed toward fourteen St, this report is brought to you by keep America beautiful in the I've Counsell give your garbage another line three cycle learn how it I want to be Recycles dot org a public service message brought to you by keep American beautiful and the Ad Council local news every thirty minutes all day long I'm Scott Brady on A.M. twelve sixty the answer now you're exclusive given the forecast and A.M. twelve sixteen, and you know tear, really partly sunny very warming year with a high temperature each too mild that I with patchy Clough slow sixty three the ball more clouded us breezy not as warm shower they've units under storm high seventy degrees, the Saturday partly sunny windy in whole or the high on Saturday NYR sixty, cool and dry on Sunday, with your eye for the forecast I mean all the telling a Browns I'm like yeah we don't want to. I know more Hue Hewitt here on A.M. twelve sixty the answer, , , the bank that was, with the city the big debate last night I got it, I am, everyone in Cleveland everyone know Jairo love sports is actually very very excited I know some people are upset with the debate one way or the other different think to from hot takes but we can all join hands and say thank you Cleveland, for keeping the World Series in America, got another gets the Blue Jays as a team are against Canada but I'm awfully glad that become the owners of the Indians, and if the the pretty comfortable has been in, what do we know about this weekend for they'll be a lot of talk on the Sunday shows about this debate but I hope you'll find time this week going to go see the new movie I am not a shame, I'm not a shame to the court the story of Rachel Scott, the first didn't to be murdered at Columbine high school April of nineteen ninety nine, it's in the others on the twenty first traded PG thirteen may not be appropriate for children under the age of thirteen of course that so, it's a horrible situation but Rachel Scott was a hero in a great Christian witness, and this movie, confirm sec rate Christian witness about the debate last but, I don't know your, oh you're so pro life America and vote for Hillary Clinton. She is for, a minute, abortion, limited, no restriction abortion, one hundred percent on play impaired What's up one hundred percent, and defended late term abortion read justice Kennedy's descent in the first, Stamper care verse Kirk it, read that he goes into because became a so, , and the defection that David Suter in, made on him he wrote a very detail, description of the her effect procedure that is late term abortion partial berth abortion, and it turned your stomach, enough to, and then Scully of concurrence, probably shouldn't in that aside, and she defended it last night if you're pro lifeboat earlier could you cannot vote for Hillary Clinton, I think they'll jump it, the down ticket an enormous amount of good yesterday and enormous manager, he made the case for Pro light voters to come to the polls, he made the case for second amended voters to come for the polls he made the case, for people who are concerned about the weekend military to come for the polls, and by the way Hillary Clinton being outraged about, there's Cyber attack the Russian back it is it's a Russian intelligent operation, by the F. S_B which is this fester agency the cagey be using the front with the league, but I played, and maybe I'm pull up that that clip, when a player put the clip, I think if the last one let me find it for you hear Adam we're talking about, this and. I am amazed actually amazed, that no one makes this point again again again when they talk about the with you eighth in a, they rightfully want to point they should point out, it is absolutely about, , Russia but here at the point the, makeup number twenty two, you know every play was well prepared for this I'm actually get, get all the other to all yeah, when did a lot of young forty number right, and he took a back to serve the seventies it's not the beginning of the cast news hereon and I didn't like the Red, to forty he's at all night he was totally ready for that I think, well here's ready for never builds so it's an back down Brown turn on the great memories or he had, but the to hot takes I would like as to what Michael's that, I would go find a fivesome an uprising reporter, you know rusty in wash and stayed and norm Coleman in Minnesota both of the last contested election than they believe they were cheated out and by the way I agree with him I think North homer was unit I think you know rusty reaching that, yeah also, I was actually, that they've manufactured ball balance in Minnesota by the dozens and Washington I knew that I can after the election back to the election and Washington State that kept coming and counting and counting in counting until they got the number that line of two thousand and four. The risk and maximize the opportunity of safe income be a trading, that's from profits run back on the morning markets the S. and P. is up to that point the net second up six point seven five the doubts up thirty-two points, there's pelted by the way that the markets don't quite the market the rink for Hillary, he's the status quo big banker, by the way did you get her answer last night, on the global market you know I'm looking forward to it Hemisphere it market, open borders, and and three to it, that that that mark and then she's live like he did about the previous debate when they got common the Lincoln thing that you started to say out to ranchers that's just Lincoln No no no no her answer on that her and to cut number five play this please Adam, well you know not have open board that is only a rank missed, we will have secured borders but we'll also have, reform and this used to be a by part is an issue Ronald Reagan, , atlanta racially form and George W. Bush supported it as well second one I want to clear on your position on this issue because in a spin should gave two of resilient vying for what you're paid two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars we've learned from the with the leaks that use that doesn't I wanna clout my dream is a chemistry erect common market. With open trade and open borders So I think he has done, that's the question plays quite everybody is that your brain open waters well if you went on to read the rest of the sentence I was talking about that, energy you know we trade more energy it's not I just alive, that's just a line she did the same thing in the first debate she Colts on being able to lie, and and and so, people lie to you, on to get it don't be surprised if she win, but you're not getting the trip just look at the whole server thing, it's part and parcel of who Shia she will not tell you the truth, she of the private answer and a public cancer and she says that's prudence, and Bibber, Williams will say she's right, prudent, but then own it in this new world, we're everything if transparent can't do it, that don't just like it makes me feel like she thinks the American people are stupid, I must say they're there we you can elect Democrats in the cycle, it will be so empower did she is the president they'll jump is not stage a comeback which half to begin today, by redefining is answer from last night into that which is acceptable with an the norms American political rhetoric you can't go round, saying I'm not accepting the election under any circumstances get about qualification, of course if I lose by a big margin I'm going to accept the elected of course of it's not close they worked throw College in when except the election do not attempted de legitimize beforehand which some people suspect he's doing I don't think he doing that and I heard of fought that Trump yesterday. So you know of course What's up they're not my Pence of course will accept the results, it was such an and the thirty year on the other end it great great great moments he would have to be males again and where is the the general cart right, cut, but this one was not understand, it wasn't well developed it wasn't we'll develop but it up to be, driven in to people, let's go to cut number eleven, I really wanna just, talk about something slightly different, she mentions this, which is or affection more friction much, probably your possibly started by her and her, very Salih see campaign, but I will tell you, what is infection honest are Herk emails squishy destroyed thirty-three thousand emails criminal, but only after getting a subpoena from the United States kind Congress hot what happened to the F.B._I I don't now, we have a great general forced our general today, you read it in all the paper is going to potentially share five years in jail, for lying to the F.B._I, one line, she's lad, hundreds of times to the people to Congress, and to the titty F.B._I, he's going to probably go to Joe this is a four start, general, and she gets away with it and she can run for the presidential of the United States, that's really what you should be talking about, not affection where somebody was okay, so what he didn't Garrett, no it was a good out opening nobody after said her sleeves the campaign and you don't understand it go watch the project Barrack cause videos and general car right my heart is with you it is so easy to take a good see plus answer in turn do it a plus cancer. 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On the freeways found before the third-string tell the scouting report of an accident there that's got a chance up from fourteen St. ninety five northbound here are six ten accidents on a right shoulder delights coming out of Frederick spurt, the five northbound champs up your Chronicle right shoulder for an accident to seventy southbound that's the running heavy forward and you know than all the way down toward that not only lane divide, Accu Weather forecast partly sunny very warm and humid today ninety-two partly cloudy mile tonight no sixty three cloudy breezy cooler for tomorrow afternoon showers high seventy partly cloudy in sixty nine now and Washington this report brought to you by on bound just like kids hear children across the world the big dreams for their future give one child the opportunity for better tomorrow and down dot org, and Scott Brady with traffic and weather on A.M. twelve sixteen the answer, it's just a good job, you can join me on the standard tool as we, to you, doing Dr. David zero, referring wide with it, WASHINGTON D.C. featuring of five a strong message and were led by special musical guest joins Billingsley, three and you break, with the opportunity to going to stand, yeah you know, stand up with us Thursday October twenty at seven P.M., at home runs in center in Washington D.C., went through, three titties, to find out more condition about his today, David Jeremiah, fly, kinda, David jeremey done.