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Hillary On Trump gun 

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Taylor Weidman
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In August still it sounds like a normal Trent at that point no clear cause yet for why the jet lag near the crashed into the Eastern Mediterranean early Thursday there was there were sixty-six people on board President Obama begins his first visit to be a non later today the President will meet with Tapia to me is leader simple society members an entrepreneur as during stops and had no way in Ho team in city Hill also attend the G seven Summit and Joe Panik and make it has Stuart visit to her Roche among the state departments Daniel Russell says the Triple acknowledged the past two shouldn't assigning power the Larger message respect for leave terrible Haas but the focus will be on the future in how once bitter enemies now work together Pam Coulter CBS News The White House democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says Republican rival Donald Trump Some gun policies are no way to keep us a parents teachers and schools should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms just like Donald Trump does at many of his hotels by the way Clinton was responding to Trump Cullen her heartless Hillary from backing restrictions on gun ownership and the winner is exaggerated or the Kentucky Derby runner up the crowd favorite and Derby winner Nyquist to win the pre can stakes winning jockey Kent this aura oh spoke with NBC Sports follows on offense and they all Stead why the Stearns you want to be picked events we did a good None I think not for nothing but knowledge of power Terry wind finished second Nyquist third the Blake Park doom when I was says it's Eastern Black Y no couple is expecting a baby in late.