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Listen: "It's night and day, he's become I think one of the best passers out on the post"

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Christian Petersen
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Year it's easy to nine days you can come close to one of the best answers out of the post and it was a good shot blocker to guys just plays really well with all these guards around him and then the team has I think the most underway the player in the country and Josh far that he did at six five waiting in junior and he just does it all he shoots bad to the rebound is the team's leading scorer when you watch him play and is what all the coaches in the big leagues say about him there's nobody plays harder than Josh are so combine that with Ryan are you know in the sport and look out there I know the right number one in the people I don't think there is a single best team in college basketball this year which I'm just leave that number one spot blank and started number two absolutely one of your would doesn't the worst so teams that I would say could win the national title how do you assess the Big twelve because that's been really fun conference to watch how do you assess overall the conference in its play best conference in calls that go bar none I don't think there is really even an argument to be because of that only ten teams in the Big twelve seven of them right now seven of them are probably going to be DMC doubly tournaments teams with Texas Tech being one of the one of the most impressive rebuilding job so we've seen in recent years with probably Smith has done their in just his third season no team I think so the rink teams of the past four games that the team that I think is not just not just a bubble to put a team that is when I think pretty safely in the mix of what the thing about the Big twelve is you go through that conference schedule and he's just been their brains and for two months straight so there you're going to have some of these whack you Austin's it's a me I really don't think as much of a comparison of this forced conference RP ideas which is a flawed statistic but it's a important statistic This is the best Conference RP I we've seen for the Big twelve RP and this year as the conference in more than a decade before group FoxSports Dawkins of college basketball on Saturday a watched Kentucky play Texas A M and lose on the road but I I keep wondering about this Wildcats team and because the field is more wide open then there's no real dominating team I wonder were Kentucky because they always come in with such high expectations is Kentucky of a team that is Donnan national championship kind of team you know this year but he hasn't yet and only because of this year I think the into the slot he either way that was the Texans' and that was such a bunch of crap that I know all deny the comfort it was just like Warner he Dylan Rask they know they can it's equation look as he has had some pretty confusing losses losing all the leading the Tennessee i'm not nearly the same and an early in the same conversation at last year's Kentucky teams I still think it's probably or the Top ten teams in college basketball history even though they didn't win it all what these guys are there really good that really streaky there really you know they are really injured there's a ton of injuries on this team right now so all in those what they're not going to get.