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Listen: When a team has a chance to overcome a Fumble but Italy's lean Russia late in the ball game

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Was why I made the decision that I did that I'm not gonna let it happen again baby predicted it becomes McHale full for twenty-five minutes right now yeah reacted it was an end you sit out a tweets It may be no I would understand why you have been attitude you have about you're a lifelong favorite NFL team an I kindly replied you went ice there and you win so I was asking for you win yes you got their with understand the pay the frustration I did it you weigh it yeah When a team has a chance to overcome a Fumble but Italy's lean Russia late in the ball game a chance to drive down the Theo vs the team's the league second best Davis the league enough but home The presentation When you get within 20 and seven of advance that Suh the next round of an event put this day win all you'll live all you wanted his four-year t the take that next step another Super Bowl I did now she oh thank on disdain alright so from now on which is a key why what you're talking about the Minnesota Vikings don't keep mobile app when you're talking about the league's leading Russia Adrian Peterson All that win you got a chip shot he'll go bright you'd band I did in the playoff I didn't even know right an give the deadly there you go McHale again this one is eight great line from a guy named Jim sue hand who works for these Star Tribune out there that a Blair Walsh joined be quote franchises virtual Museum of Millay is an quote which is great there's a lot of people in their like Gary Anderson is in their Brett farms interception is in that Museum of the lays I mean there's there's so many the hail marry the 4 lost Super Bowl go on and on and on a 2003 Josh McCown the Nathan pull Week 17 an odd Museum of Malaysia to act I got a good one from a from the minors and FBI Maybe too soon the reed that window right amount to been hit novel yeah yeah yeah since you're not one there probably not you know probably not about what you do producers into the air right when he should do with right now not do that whatsoever and Adrian Peterson is known performing in big games but actively 2009 NFC James a game and wishes parked it because the ball goals in that game coupled with that farm interception and the Gary Anderson missed field goal those were two things that I will never forget the two biggest game's end another version of those things happen the given yesterday and Adrian Peterson fumbling the keys situation an they missed field goal so it's it's amazing to me how sports work because I think there's different tiers of organizations is the ones that win at haveI history of championships and always have these great moments a look back to there's the ones on the opposite end the that like the Browns entered just I messing could never get out of their own way A total disaster and then there's the ones like the Bengals and the Vikings where you're just good enough they get cheered fan base excited but you're never good enough to win the whole thing an you can't change everything what these organizations Then the scene results happen on looking back and Mike Zimmer like Mike Zimmer wasn't around with all those other Vikings stopped what's happening Blair Walsh was in around all these guys are gone from that team in two thousand nine McGee exception of Adrian Peterson an still this happens it's amazing how we've always happens the some organizations and you know what happened yesterday Bud Grant is still around He was their photos for Super Bowl losses He was there when drew Pearson called the hell Mary from Roger Staubach he was there so those both fall Greg though running out there were no shirt off all your nipples the front and is a little bit proudly wear buses up just a polo search a mind is sixth man but there's not a great coach he was but he was around for those Super Bowls once again it's amazing you write that there's been an an guys who have no idea about the history of the Minnesota Vikings Lacker a dozen the coaches who were not there for all those miss steps in the in the in the past know they're part of the lower if you will Things have led to the zone isn't a good pitches maybe he's not in the cars they need exorcism her son yeah I'm I I get it now again and I've totally understand.