This Iraq War Vet Says He Decided To Run For Congress While Laying In A Hospital Bed At Walter Reed

This Iraq War Vet Says He Decided To For Congress When Laying In Bed In Walter Reed

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the day at the top of my agenda being a better in being service they're being that that people if they do a lot of serve in the first place, veterans from all warts you know World War Two Korea, dont you Davis, but I kinda dished the idea of running for congress when I was playing in a battle of Walter Reed Army Medical Center did a much more emotional time in my life, and I was telling my wife three on us, I just didn't know how to go through life, and have the best offense that I've ever given this place to be something that was in my past I think you looked at any person, that surgeon uniforms and understand what we do much deeper than the uniform that The where the latter of which Branch we've come from, he wants to serve the country and that's not something that you can simply, and on an off like a light switch it doesn't and with the last full expired when we kick off that uniform the last shot, for me I I just couldn't look the busting your ass tonight stink, the most important battled are still going to be ahead of the