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Listen: a love those stories to be sure In terms of fresh blood any football playoffs

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A love those stories to be sure In terms of fresh blood any football playoffs well there there maybe some of the Jets try and Alonzo playoff spot they haven't been there for a while The Houston Texans a try to get back into the playoffs never they have been you Cirque atop the AFC South buddy Annapolis Colts Bengals hadn't won a playoff game in four ever so maybe after what we've seen in two thousand fifteen from some fresh blood so to speak this could be their year maybe a lot depends on Andy Dalton and then of course only other side beers on a Cardinals Carolina Panthers they've never won a Super Bowl they've been there once with undressing que be gentle all men that was a long time ago that i got that number one seeded the Washington Redskins of course haven't been an the postseason since he RG three rookie year out a win it that would be a story Minnesota Vikings Seattle Seahawks on a long golfer them obviously we don't know they complete playoff picture any NFL but we do now know 10 of the 12 teams One of the moment in two thousand fifteen that you will always remember anywhere you were what you were doing how you felt when you saw them at able all radio on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence.