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Listen: "Defensive end Chris Long linebacker James Laurinaitis and tight end Jared Cook"

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The Beast nine may be C John Elway's Sports on Chris Jacobs with and a fell network now on the west with one Radio Network Johnny men sell remains under criminal investigation by Dallas police for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend during an argument last month we say they have spoken a man cells former girlfriend but had yet to speak command self police also said it interviewed witnesses and obtained video from hotel surveillance cameras the Rams have a brand new Honda Los Angeles and they rapidly changing roster to go with that the team releasing a trio of veterans Friday defensive end Chris Long linebacker James Laurinaitis and tight end luck the release will free of twenty four million dollars in salary cap space Lamar Miller will be a free agent on March night unless the Dolphins offer the running back an extension Miller told a local Miami radio station that regardless of where he lands he wants to be a feature back and get the recognition he deserves this has been and fell network now on the West one one Radio Network <silence> right now enough only by five courts of baffling conventional Boyle for just three fifty nine accord will give you either chased Elliott Dale junior Jimmy Johnson are Casey came free by Mayle and Wade was probably makes more sense the bubble had to be the chased Elliott Dale junior Jimmy Johnson are Casey came free by male bubbling to just three fifty nine and a free bobblehead that's never know six pricing touches over cycle he's extra participating that brought aboard source while supplies last Barber spice to twenty nine sixteen and now a touching moment well staying in touch with guy cow it was a warm summer day I was just sitting on a Porch watching him battling brick wall by then and the Blue I get an update from my guy collapsing my claim have been processed So connected to nature to guy I stayed there the whole afternoon until that guy told me to stop trespassing on-ice Porch sheesh well was his problem playing status Update it's just if you'd have to weigh on the guy Co. act <silence> <silence> this is radio helps Journal a weekly news magazine with the latest in health medicine and technology a closer look at the issues that affect your health and well-being prevention lifestyles treatments in trends all from the nation's top experts In show must sign Nancy then center and I'm read Ham's this week Persico virus world health organization has declared a crisis but there's a lot we don't know it between because I might have played big men women in the head nine hundred and then a reason you might feel sluggish human after a good night's sleep Andrew no indication ten United States guy you have to high-profile and they're probably walking around all that and more this week I'm radio healthier <silence> the new dietary guidelines for Americans are out than most of us need to increase the amount of the task human our guy hats and fact ninety seven percent of Americans Arts meeting their daily protests him requirements however I do survey by the Idaho potato commissioned finds that fewer than thirty percent of Americans make an effort to consumed put sassy him everyday are no that potatoes are great plays to get it here so there are registered dive distant had author of the Greek yogurt kitchen survey show spent nearly nine in ten Americans are aware that the Namath are a good source that the task camp but only twenty seven percent think this about the paid had an only seven percent of asked what incorporate potatoes than Tim health if they were looking to increase the past Cam truth is that one meeting and five potato with this can had twice as much to pass Sam as a typical for ounce Banana and their heart healthy too so past the potatoes voted with good sassy him find out more at Idaho potato dot com.