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Author Erica Abeel On Being Yoko Ono's Roommate In The 60's

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Were roommates in the early sixties you like as a room right well but a great guest on the show but she's a wonderful cart to the right about i guess she was i'm mixed blessing she was always fascinating in my character brett it's very excited to be a part you know this totally cool of on guard seen on the other hand through there's a price to pay because she was enormous the ambitious and anything that she perceived a standing in the way of that created problems brett experiences sexism in the publishing industry don't women makeup the majority of people working in the public shame sure what this was remember nearly six stays at a growth press like publisher and the women their running the six publishing exactly in the the women there were kind of like flees on on the back of a yack or something they were almost you know they had issue work nothing jobs including brett's immediate boss is the publisher date director we spent all of her time looking for an apart before reporter fan barry her many of the real life men in this but given those who made think of his artistic geniuses are turned out to be quite this the how much of the dismissive attitude towards women is still around today thing well of course although that's changing my goodness there's been such a huge are coming from the fifties to now in the fifty sit was acceptable and you know the part.