Listen: "The Detroit Pistons played pretty well, enough to hang in the game"

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Christian Petersen
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That allowed him to bring towards the basket he had a nice mid range jump are going in the other thing that allowed for the fifty nine points was the fact that the Detroit Pistons played pretty well enough to hang in the game and keep the game close so with the Davis wasn't taking of the game with like forty eight points he had to continue to be their played forty two minutes tonight because the Pistons kept it right there in close but it doesn't matter it's not necessarily Anthony Davis is when Russell Westbrook does this is when we Steph Curry does this or Klay Thompson does this or anybody else support por pools this kind of stuff off you know we've had that we've had guys that they've scored a lot of points that we don't necessarily embrace for the moment Kobe Bryant was when he scored over eighty in that game years ago wasn't the prettiest moment because a lot of people took that opportunity to last shouted Colby for being a selfish player but scoring and guys who can score a lot I find the game more entertaining Jagr ended with my kids I don't want them to play that particular way it my daughters a basketball player I don't want to emulate the fifty nine point guy I like are good to be thinking about teaming oriented but just because you score fifty nine doesn't mean you were you were ball haunting or taking scoring away from and Bills you're probably the best option and clearly Anthony Davis is always the best option I liked it I like those and I and I just wish they were more about sometimes it was a guy we just go you know what I'm scoring eighty I don't know how we would take it I think we'd absolutely crazy eight hundred seven seven seven two nine zero seven you thoughts on the Daytona five hundred classic finish on Sunday not a classic race the up top groove wasn't exactly working we did not have a lot of passing we didn't have the big one win came to crashes but we got a legit champion Vinny Hamelin is a the driver needy very good move on the last lap to secure the victory over Martin trucks two-year by one one-hundredth of the second his front bumper she lost aged Martin trek two years Carr did Hamelin thirty five years old he's been around is recovering from an ACL injury at one point he was also known as the guy that had a big lead the championship race and let it fall apart handling is a is a good champion it in Joe Gibbs' and not won the Daytona five hundred since nineteen ninety three.