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San Bernardino Human Trafficking Task Force Arrests Local Resident For Soliciting Juvenile Prostitutes

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Mark Wilson
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Although skittles are really good dude you really gauthier and i was i actually can you know rain ball labor and yeah i know you like i you know the days the rainbow would've dealing with a and you know let me that i will have learned he used like you look we were talking surreal now are talking canny i think i'm just hungry i'm sorry that this area sidekick please consuming right wall just last week the san bernardino county human trafficking task force arrested a guy but a name of marc well dion today quot kill they keying stewart who investigators said forced juvenile girls to work for him and advertise their availability on back page now few just last month detective said they broke up a arraigned trafficking in slade chinese nationals that operated in nine countries including our own backyard here in san bernardino riverside in advertised on back page create the right there in its and it ever heard of that pitch over nine until this i saw this article ok i hate to admit this yeah i have i know of eight yes it's it's what it's what it was right up there with craig's list actually batting especially a few years ago was really like one of the sides that people would go two four this type of thing so i think i think what you're breathing as a very it is so important because people don't understand this they think like piazza and this happens that massaged parlours as well there's a lot of humid human trafficking that happens and they're just there they're right out there and they're very i mean it there's no question i mean at least it's a public sipe but i wonder about sites that are not slow public it's got to make you wonder how dave continue to operate and yet they have done so for a very long time they can operate because their protected by federal on the first amendment now that that's what i saw here in the press enterprise here's the quote from san bernardino county district attorney mike ramos he said quote they are tool for human traffic errors they be in these so websites including a back pace dot com we've seen the ongoing victim it victim is a shin of those be in traffic for sacks in san bernardino county and across the country on quote.