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Listen: "What Tea Party? I've never met a Tea Party person..."

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Alex Wong
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Hillary if they have rise clutch a billion dollars to stop I have to say having watched them and and research them and their statements of his pass over years I I have to that I have a high degree of skepticism out the truthful less of almost anything they say or that and also the deliberate mess of some the things they say you know for example I'll never forget the interview that Jameer dead the first really big story that she Dan about the kept brothers and David have had the audacity to say what he party I've never met a T party person I don't know what you're talking about some you know that was alive they were they were absolutely finding the T party bank Rolling it David coax America's rest parity was at the heart of that effort another branch of their former organization the center then the citizens for some economy that became freedom works and AFP freedom works was a also an intimately involved and building up but he party and so I think they have shown over and over again there capacity for December when the capacity for missed direction and in fact Charles Coke heavy adapt that he is well to claim that he only recently got involved in politics but we know he's been involved in Electra politics for decades and we've the documents to prove it so again I'm speaking with Lisa Grimes his executive director of the Santa for me to win democracy and the publisher all our kicks but she has served as a senior advisor in all three branches of the Federal Government and kept assistant attorney general and the gesture to prominence chief Counsell fall nominations on the signage additionally committee and as a deputy chief for the us courts so in terms of the campaign finance obviously on and when you saw the.