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Listen: "Game also allowed for Jeff Green to get his first real experience with the Clippers, he played twenty four minutes"

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Jonathan Daniel
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We've we've made changes we have to catch up there are guys we we told him is serious star and no words So we're ready we have to do better game also a lot for Jeff Green to get his first real experience with the Clippers he played twenty four minutes as a result the lopsided affair scored eighteen points Doc Rivers talked about his previous relationship with green in Boston honestly didn't really give him any advice about your last I didn't think he was going to play again so I just know we're going to create something in Boston if we can get the coaching staff is a character guys who just former on the team at the time they Green missed an entire year because of an aneurysm but made a big comeback effort to get back on the floor the Clippers back home for Wednesday when they take on the Nuggets pre-game coverage six thirty here on the based on a deep stable lakers monologue he won away one along with Ryan has fifteen points on three of twelve shooting Nick Young lead with nineteen points in twenty four minutes Lakers Wednesday at Memphis the Bulls Final Monday the Canes all on Tuesday facing Calgary Flames Ducks take on the Sabres Wednesday L.A. County playing account Champions League quarterfinal Wednesday against those the good of the Mexican League USC and Stanford hookup Thursday you see L.A. has had on Thursday night both teams coming off weekend when the action Temple skin of the moment or is so fans accurate and easy to take the house a lot of thinking all some purchased an everyday apparent should have won pickup in action Temple Skinner thermometer if your local club warehouse or other find retailers today the new home for sports the Beast nine eighty we feed on L.A. Sports <silence> <silence> <silence> millions of people a switch to sprint this past year to celebrate worried spending a fifty percent off promotion so you don't have to miss out it's just been today it's a fifty percent off most horizon eighteen tier team over a plans for a limited time only and now you can save two hundred dollars instantly when you get the Samsung cows you know five four galaxy of six in trade in your work he smartphone all this on the sprint which is faster more reliable.