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Listen: "He won the Super Bowl with the Colts in oh six"

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Jonathan Daniel
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And get into the quarterback I thought for more wider seating standpoint Marvin Harrison also was a no-brainer slam dunk he had to be in there during his ten or twelve years of a primer Marvin Harrison as well as one of the most accurate runners Indiana fell was one of the stadium's performers was notables prolific and productive he had all the numbers all of the stats he won the Super Bowl with the Colts in those six he was part of the best all-French all the with the Colts and he was Best to whet bid for one of the best quarterbacks ever for a decade of the Marvin Harrison had to be in there so I'm glad that he got in I was interested it I was in Shreve by Tony Dungy getting in because Dungy only has one Super Bowl Dungy has all of those one in Dolan in the playoffs that Peyton Manning is always criticized over not all of them some of them came early in his career with Jim Mora so them came later with just with Jim Caldwell most of them came during the bulk of the years with Tony Dungy but Dungy's regular season six says is shoulder amazing that it's hard not to put him in than he might only have one Super Bowl and I've seen him compare to build talent and I think that's understandable and Bill Towers not in the Hall of Fame when you get the win last percentage of Tony Dungy and where it ranks it's crazy its twelfth all time and basically everybody a ball filled with anything more than five years coached is in the Hall of Fame he's actually get a better regular season winning percentage then Bill Bela check George Seafood who has won two championships then Curly Lambeau and much better than Bill coward Bud Grant and Joe give us Tony Dungy is just behind Don Shula Paul Brown in George Palace in terms of regular season winning percentage and know that it's all about playoff wins as well but Dungy also Colts for thirteen years I d help totally turn around and rectify would happen in Tampa Bay So you know what I think it's interesting the but ultimately Almonte was Dungy being in their what I don't understand is how can the Stabler was left out of the Hall of Fame all of these years and then seven months after Lee Passes Away now he's suddenly a Hall of Fame some of the league's most memorable two in the Super Bowl audio courtesy of CBS Ken Stabler was an excellent quarterback in a Super Bowl champion in seventy six the two-time and a fell and the pay and a guy that really was the old to middle leader of the goal with greater swashbuckling teams the seventies it's a little bothersome isn't it them for all these years after tardy was not good enough to be a Hall of Famer and than as soon as he passes away the year you Passes Away they put in May if there were question marks about his work ethic about his coach ability about ties to gamblers or whatever that kept him out all these years and that was always the will know how does all of that gear raised just because he passes away to me I just don't feel comfortable with that if you don't think he's a Hall of Famer that he's not a Hall of Famer if you're on the fans and you're only pushed over the fence because of the deal because he passes away that doesn't seem right either he should have been the Hall of Fame but he was still alive if you believe that he was belonging and deserving of being in Canton Johnny and sell spiral continues this week of course I was on radio role in San Francisco had a Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree join me he's a Dallas native he's seeing Texas he knows what's going on over there and he also had his balance of maturity coming into the league it and being a very highly touted a highly drafted player with scrutiny on nothing like 'Man sell but Crabtree is response what's going on with Johnny Football is really interesting won't play football don't play for the word don't work for as is a Dallas native do you think going to death like he's going to stay away from the people that he's been around for all the time with his waist is got a girl the same the boys of people <silence> really needed to serve the person in the Stars play has been in the season and these detailing one goal.