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Listen: "Please ask them to conduct an autopsy, okay? Please say Mike doesn't sleep with a pillow on his head"

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And Peters observation was I sometimes sleep with the Bill over my dad austrian did Scully a uses she pap device that may explain the pillow I I don't use she bat device I know people who do I didn't know you put a pillow on top of the C Pap device as your sleeping I would like to respectful to get this out there please pleased remember I said this if I'm falling dead in the bad next to my dog and there's a pro a lot more over my had the please asked him to conduct an autopsy okay please shed a light doesn't sleeper the Pole over said because I don't and I don't think we know anybody who does know my question is an end this was the disconnect I had with the last call watched the Harmon expecting an autopsy for one of the most important people in the United States of America what's the harm you deferred of the family that's it and that's the end of a close the close the book there's many calls on this is we can eight hundred ships five five Mike and you're on the like Mike attention to talk to you again and I hope that I have as much time missing out because I really have to say you right but on I really that they won the judge a report and it's been like can get up and then it's amazing I would think tangible typically a we've been through a went so we need to improve with up and then I really have to say that that Mike Brown overblown but you have a man that in our most of you know with the way it is not too far from the Mexican board I'm going to throw that in not traveling with any kind of security not traveling with a doctor as many people do a lot of that stature depth exactly I selling to that winning that we have the owner that was the way that mentioned to tell the right and and than I did it in kind of an innocent way where he said he looked like he was piece full of the was like he had not to what he had not even awaken from a nap yet and had a pillow over his head what we'd women excuse my head up well over his head Murray said and you know and if and there's a picture actually online of the bad wears Scully was Trout and there is a staff to pero los to the side of the bad it's one of those and Resorts of hotels they always do that they always give your hundred pillows you got to throw Mall on the floor and keep one or two least I do show perhaps there were a bunch of pillows on as bad I don't know I mean I don't know that anything the various happened to him the problem is we don't know that it didn't and you won't know that they didn't without an autopsy Elizabeth your next trip Banks and I appreciate college again next year from your Elizabeth your next shot i'm like I just don't understand don't have to have an off that the to determine cause and that's probably open on the cost of that.