Listen: "The end of the San Diego Chargers"

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Stephen Dunn
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Mood again today yesterday a Jim Bowden on and he had not best collision on as well Carey from CBS Sports on the talk about a variety of topics that don't necessarily gets kind of attention around the sport so for that interview with Jonah Keri here is dance MIP you want a book about the Expos I just want to ask quickly because we just spent the last year or somewhere their about Jonah talking about potential relocation and the end of the San Diego Chargers and obviously St. Louis lost the team in Oakland was in the running for that as somebody who grew up a huge Montreal Expo fan was the one of the scenarios and St. Louis or in San Diego and Oakland where he said on my God I know exactly what it is that those fans are going through absolutely Seattle SuperSonics Cleveland Brown back in it and then I have a lot of empathy when any of those things come up on friends with a few San Diego Chargers and and and that was awesome for the summer and spend that was top and and if it's never an easy thing you know because on the one hand is a Leslie you sort of data Michael Vick or Carter said the two are but what they did the owner of the Chargers and not necessarily been the best friend situation is not necessarily than that but when you're sort of the WHL Ottawa defended the lead are pretty stadium was unpleasantly has good himself and I don't care on their headed but you know I grew up with whenever that you go up with shot Muncy Erstand on plays and Danny thousand whatever you Alex early Joyner Woodley are the purple and and for the something that's a role that it because you remember what to go to the game with your mom your dad history brother whatever so you're torn and I feel about Montreal two one one handed the great baseball every game back myself that I had in my family and friends with their I don't want to have that the bank role of going dollars to whatever I want the at the billionaires and started seemed to be with this is always which has twenty two of sports tandem of a little bit of the pact with the Devils where you're sacrificing maybe some of the or whatever core belief in favor of yeah when the team was the upper tight I mean it's difficult to somebody to speak on behalf of the Nets hired North.