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So we thought he could Brady's, the tradition of people, we didn't play too, diversity Madison look up but when you have a lot, we're never Cal, and also, is the fact he already have we're pretty well because if the ground running, and you really have, yeah, there's any question about that these been busy twenty-four seven last week or so young man that the I covered when he was in high school a Junction city high school lead between Yuichi and corps valid ironically it will probably, travel of highway ninety nine, Leaving now Eugene after the Thursday game and getting up the court battles for the Saturday night game So really basically a be within two blocks of his high school their injunction city, great lineage his that of course a Hall of Famer day Wilcox with the San Francisco forty niners, , that the fact that he had been here at cow a couple years and knows the terrain, of the, it was on the staff of Jeff Tedford when the Jeff got things going here and had success early, how important was that that knowing what the culture hit here is it, whether it's academics or or just what the kids have to go through, on a daily basis to make sure that they get it done in the classroom and get still have their proper focus for football, yeah well what what to think the, breaker but it was really important than what what most important that we had. We have in shut then, I'm a hand out of high integrity great character, who had it can win the highest level, it's been a dick the better fifth in the very tough program work the great hope is, it's career, the fact that he you can have the had to be very clear to Cal, you know what it takes where are you know you have to compete in the classroom and then you know the part of the, great painting a cow back that he thousand three to two thousand five ERA, that's the kind of course, on the up, yeah of course in two thousand for the quarterback by the name of Aaron Rogers a very close to maybe playing in the Rose Bowl that year but that didn't happen, but he's been a winner where every he has been, the west coast ties from the recruiting standpoint because I I think when, , people knew Justin here he was outstanding recruiter I think a Sacramento area was one of his his so , he, spots of recruiting, and I know wanna Cal fans are are always, you want to see the local kids stay here local, did you feel the Justin has what it takes to make sure that that happens in future years, I do and I'll let him talk about his agree floppy tomorrow but broke up but, it clear that he is committed to it could be local kids, , you know. It's something area to want to play for Cal keeping them get lit very out, made it clear that he understands the play that the Red out, be it put repeated area or a dish way he understands them well, but if awful clear that he has not lot should connection, for those areas he you know young people he met coach is, he beat you, remain pretty familiar with the art of the country, and so I think that you will be have , you know but but for, but let's go to focus on, he Green Bay Area, sacramento northern California kid, and that that week you have but all allege up and being, much we're talking about that, yeah we'll be interest I'm sure the everybody we interested in his philosophy office of Lee defensively just to step his vision for Kaleta football or with Mike Williams athletic director for the Bears after the Cal higher Justin well Cox to be the head coach, I don't tell us, not that this had that happen fairly quickly based on, they're constraints that to anybody has nowadays with recruiting the letter of intent period is is going to re kick in here and another, two weeks or so, how quickly do this happen and and, out, how much pressure did you feel to get it done as quick as you could, we know we have gets it again base that never couldn't calendar we knew we want to have a head coaching play five. I last week that we did, , you know, you can always have an idea of all someone you may call and when he may want to talk to in that situation, oh, I didn't have a short lit them up Bob, coaches to get ahold of the so, we got holding Jeff but earlier in the week and then you, been, you know I bet pretty rapid Larry, what what we're able to make him an offer Friday night, have a lot or Tatar day, the other thing is the Bears have been that trip take off offensively the last few years under head coach Sonny Dykes him, the defensive the struggled did you feel that you, wanted to have a defensive coach or I did not make a difference what side of the ball that coach came from, I mean I all you didn't make a difference, look much more about that much more about, and it bringing the winning culture Vic how much more about understanding again, but it if that are our players get them in the classroom and on the field, , we kind of, , and it we're pretty close I'm P fed so, I think the fifth, in your because should be talk here with both, before the that they had around, around our defense if we're going to be a little bit of improvement hurt, and maybe that's all it would take, I think with just but you know he looking will bring up. A copy to go along with the couple offense but help them, of all we've expected, hopefully again about the third, now would be awesome that's for sure I know the, the two Ayers already bowl Baldwin and Steve great would have thought tremendous success in the college ranks and so flew that will continue with the rest the offensive staff the defense of staff special teams, also you make a change with a strength and conditioning, Yeah Jeff I'm going to go to bring in that the pretty well, he gets a, there's college football on that important, because if you with a grip if you know traffic work with Bell, I will wear Kaepernick protection you're pitcher, and we look for those announcements in the hopefully the days ahead, as says, this thing happens really rapidly, and we look forward to those announcements as they come out a Mike thanks for being with us we appreciate it look for a senior tomorrow to press conference as adjusting Wilcox will be officially introduced as the new head master the California football program thanks Mike We'll see tomorrow, picture you are getting, thank you very much it's always so it's nice to have a safe trip no matter where you go that's for sure, alright that will continue on the if a month the rest the program of Basketball Men's coach console Martin will join us for the next two segments, in the second half hour Lindsay Godley we'll talk about women's basketball to be home but this. Friday and Sunday against Arizona State and Arizona and also McHale a cowling will join us once again on the program as we continue from hospital again this is inside the locker room on Lynn their field, you know who you are but are we all, it's time to head out to dinner for lunch in this Cullen airy Shane rely we call home in the making notching fans check out our dot gov slash article to discover great eateries just apart right away, Lynn is the latest dining hotspots uptown and downtown great places opening every day seems to our to twelve to nineteen St. stations declined your new favorite, but don't forget the classics, the where it all started with a mission District Brock Rich and who knows what else you might find when you visit are tied gets, bball, now fans don't forget that extreme pieces your place to go for award winning P's and, delivery patients all over the Bay Area today, for either regular for, including three from a signature pizzas, in Berkeley a thirty-two all for college Avenue visit extreme pizza dot com to find a location years to an view their full menu, extreme crease extreme, not mainstream, , my Carroll France daba Kim here for you vs. your customers one more from your business, got to make more happen whether there in Berkeley or on the other side of the world, globally for locally, you vs. is building solutions to help businesses given our customers exactly what they want. 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That's basketball coach cons Omar no you're out that busy tonight, I watch in some games appreciate taken some time to talking with us tonight good weekend for your team any time to get two wins at home, against two teams or ready to play against a both Washington Washington State, I know they games are both close they were exciting they were different kinds against but getting the win that to Wentz was was huge your now for two and conference played just to talk about in general terms I thought your team played this weekend, look learn so, looked great learn so, home weren't to three in a row, I learned, , one last you like you love about all the support look for the, great job, who are out of more field all, not only did a great job, of the childhood, a lot of thought that great job, but if you're not a good, little brother down there, the ball, with, Gary or Smoke the biggest loss, how much okay Goff whose but the third, the great great stuff that that is, we do couple of, the first that we to the for the second, I don't look, it was more ballot, Bob waited record, you talk about the zone defense because if you kind of Sean it's here and they're not a whole lot hasn't certainly been a staple, but they just your thoughts about having a second defense but you can go to to maybe change the tempo the game or maybe try to work century which are trying to do defensively. Well you re was a lot well worth the moment, better to be for, there when you could do about biggest most, what were to you, all of that, , you have to go with some third live because the nod to put it, because of, but this, and the Rams regard, and it really worked out for, but the big move but a lot more we move forward to the figured out, well give Gabbert appearing your pick, here we go to a third to be around a room, they're not enough of homer to go on the road but they could be up, think about that, you know, weird, the what ever to go on the floor, this past weekend your team did a really good job of that, controlling the basketball not turning it over so much season-low seven turnovers against Washington State and maybe some of that is do the pace of the game, less possessions in a game like that but it looks like right now you're going to going in the right direction as far as that that turnover ratio, well because Bird forms we're just lost in the opener it Washington State, it was the first of all that Saudi, it was his third year he didn't have a turnover looked great job the think of the porn thought, order to use Nutri Sweet's, if you're the, we're not turnover, and I think so it, great a bonafide and that he did a great job known. He did and that's very important if the your point guard this taking care the basketball going into the right to hands than you got a really good chances of for winning the basketball game and it's it's hard oh took to imagine this but you're one third in the way already through the pack twelve season, I mean what's that was the league season start to just go so quickly, where do you see your team after the first one thirty the pack twelve season, we didn't rather than the trigger if you know where go through, and all of the, plays we got a chance to thirty fifty into the big with your, of all week gender or what he does, after not very be, we don't have the the we are for everybody Gil, so like out there, you don't we so, and he's got to put them on the Sprint that we real off all speaking of health how stunt Coleman don't these days, the most carries a, what a little bit but not of most of very up if you feel third there's but, but it didn't do a lot with that, okay woefully will have an for Thursday against a very athletic Oregon team, when we come back in the next said one or preview the upcoming weekend for the Bears as they visit the Ducks and the be first Thursday and Saturday that a more as we continue on inside the locker room on later field. 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Hours, quarterback to inside the locker room a reminder that have return natural and not among the official product laugh, but you doing decal, club, help up club is a free membership open to all dogs of any ages, so sign him up today at cow Bears dot com slash pop club to get it official cow Ben Dan a, and if it takes to cow pop club events send a lot more ever derm natural I'm not a bone prow partners of Cal athletic since two thousand five with had men's basketball coach console Martin as the Bears travel North to the what I'm and Valley this week to face Oregon a Thursday night will be on the air five thirty buddy, twenty at a tip-off show and then on Saturday night, up the wrote about forty miles to court face the Oregon State Beavers, seven o'clock twenty or the tip-off show the actual tap at about seven thirty, coach these are two teams it right now are about his office cities you get in a slick it looks like Oregon rolling, I sixteen in two overall they've won fourteen straight games they like to get up and down the, court they block shots are high-scoring team is well and Oregon State kind of just the opposite was some injuries this year there for fourteen oh and five in league play, and they've been without traced take oh but, these two teams played each other so for years gotta reporting away to watch one game I guess in essence this week. As they played each other in Eugene him and they Oregon beat Oregon State eighty five to forty three that largest margin of victory ever in the civil war for the Ducks over the Beavers, when you look at that game and some of the other one since first of all talk about Oregon, what do you see from them, what worked out of the figured the where very well, we didn't give up, where the high local start but he kind of makes no we've we barely of speaks for itself, I think given to your Lydia to that level Kauffman, three shelf lot of around the real, okay dome all with the brain trust me up for, because group great jumps he was the ball, british thought really three-point goal, Phillips other, we've got a good point but but there's score that would be different they'll be one of where you, , no mix, with with Mayor Bowl don't come about, , yeah you mentioned other Brooks missed a couple of games early, came back to a preseason, all American candidate hit the game winning three-pointer to beat you see away in the very first game account fronts play, Jordan Bell inside much improved crisper Shea's a really tough guard is an eight, was it at six-foot ten six eleven on the perimeter knocks down threes but, leads them a blocked shot you don't see that very often, what a pretty cruised, search calling it, one of the most out because the lead with a little. The run the floor to make three point shot, you're what, butt stuff, life, right here, right, FREE THROW OF, to the talent that you have the, still looks more you got a lot of your big, quite plainly you put a smaller Calvin well, it could have pick out of the promise you three point shots so, it is one of the, it was tough with the they're not because with the with the statue, but just how we played enough to be a very both of out of well, yeah no question about that and then Saturday, to core about us to face Oregon State as we mentioned for and fourteen Owen five I mean this was a turn I'm a team last year first time they've been in the N.C. A tournaments, since Gary Payton, was the national Player of the Year back in nineteen ninety and I I think they thought they would have another good team although, they lost to she P too, you know Gary's Sano did a lot of things for them but they headed up a little short at the guard position with some transfers and so forth but the one guy that's been solid for them all year long is Drew you back spot six ten six eleven post guy, it looks like they're trying to get the ball to him as much as possible on the low post, you looked out the playoffs where he's done a great job with where his body. Schools around the room, sports, you run the ball very well, that's right here drop both, blocked shot, it's good player will fall to speak, well he victory small brought to speak with the local, great been out so long without the shell, and you have to twenty points when he was playing, the flow flute guy with the huge if they have a victory yeah, got hurt way back on November the twenty fifth in a game in which he had, thirty one points ten rebounds and sixth deals, and they have not had him in the last twelve games and it certainly, I had a huge impact, on their, play their leadership and a go-to place for somebody who can score the basketball pretty consistently, hey coach Rick for sure to stop him by will see you of Thursday in Eugene as the Bears take on the Oregon Ducks, first go where alright head coach console Marner reminder Thursday night five thirty early start to fall, will have the Toyota Tip-Off show six o'clock the actual tap for Mathieu night Arena and on Saturday night, seven o'clock toy to tipoff show on cagey all with the actual Tebow, seven thirty, so we say goodbye to console Martin, as, we hang up the phone on him and will move on to Lindsay got lead women's basketball talk about the Bears trip both to, utah and Colorado and the big games this week at home against Arizona State, and Arizona as we continue from hospital again. 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No, , what about you inside a lot, joining us when it's basketball, Lindsay guys lead, the Bears weekend, he's, colorado and Utah net Lindsay talked about the strength of this league this year we've seen a from the very beginning, and I guess the games that you play this past weekend Are indicative of that, that there's going to be a lot of close games the come down to, you know the final manager so and in this case you play two games that were exactly like that, oh you won the first one against Colorado with a really nice second half comeback, and then against Utah made another great come back late in the game but couldn't quite get over the hump, yeah, I because of your, if you're doing well, , no question about it it it kind of that you know he outside of of conference enough in the country and it's really hard to sleep on the road, and you know we're learned that, you need to get you can't rely on second half comeback can't try to hope because I'm your way back it there's too many good players, get coaches and, what is this appointed and get the play of it thank you were tidy one of the elite in the in the league and he that gotta, you got a tweet sometime in any get settle for a split , but I will figured out and and and we have two home games and. And a chance that kind of live up in the standings five I get my couple here at home, when I know what, was involved in your halftime speech, as out, that Colorado he able to say that on a, yeah, she radio show, it's funny so tweeted one and in Canada have, and I was like, you are the you know, yeah that's hasn't, you know that we're, and I'm kind, you know you know worried that my, you know the none born Trout shouldn't be hearing, let me tell, I bet, when to be honest with you you're not in all that and I hope that could player than thanks day, , you know I that I talked about three had a tactical adjustment and in all honesty they work real adjustments they were just refocus helping lead had the or, and then I got a lot of about, you know what he wanted to interview out of sight for this and and you know won it was their energy, change that you know we have excuse shock early, they got our energy go and, , and then you know what we watched the film and and talk about as I said, and he can't wait was shots to go and haven't and you got to have the energy to create you know the shot ARI of, so I definitely proud American went on a twenty over on the charts second half but, when they can magically not header mind as to who we are and what we're can't love and in challenged them to go out there and do it you know at some point. People so so the fun yeah will be fun to watch that that the total of six players committed attack twelve schools will be in that game so the league's just going to continue to be better and better as the years go on alright let's talk about this week, kind of a quick turnaround as far as playing in opponent you start of the season impact twelve play, against the Arizona schools Arizona he played first beat them seventy four sixty four then over to Arizona State on the Sunday afternoon game a terrific ball game highly competitive ended up going to overtime two overtimes actually, a issue victorious So you know play su first, Friday night at eight o'clock go what he need to do that, to turn that, oh double overtime loss into a victory, for, the play it sailors are sitting at a minor the King turned that you know Benton their games all day and I have account one break we're, in between games Sitton and thank hold up in my computer of executing that they it your defense, could talk about the game, and we saw what had downplay worry career right to the fact that he wants to play we're not going to run the one again, , but if you could you better believe they can of off and they pressures the heck out of you, we need to do a better job of the Board of they really crash the boards hard. Indiana need to be ready for their physical cup and I think that's why, there where they are you know they don't necessarily have all back another update like it is really good looking for her but you, if they're known just but a collective toughness for they come actually pressure you so, we have to be ready handle that, you know we need to, I get to keep him off the board, I mean to try to get a way to get a rhythm off tentatively against that you know we didn't we didn't score a lot of points you know that look a game, so, it's a great opportunity for the, play a tough tough team at home and and be better than the first time in and I think our players look you know try to relished the opportunity, going on Sunday at one o'clock, of, at home against Arizona beat them seventy four sixty four, kind of pouted haven't side pretty good with forty points in the paint that the that game that's kind of weekend for opinion a Davidson shit to really good, down in the desert Chad the double double against Arizona so hopefully she can repeat that performance this time around at home, sure sure we have really good production from her, age when she clicking like that have to have Nina increase in down love like that's really hard to card of their loves playing well I think you're coming off. couple we ended and you talk that we get reports that is what take a month common I think of the Washington State yesterday so, you know that they're playing with confidence everyone in the league is good they're very athletic and the phone, so we need to media I think be crisper against them out of that game was a little bit of a grinder, none of tell coast the whole time and, so you know I will focus on a if he first but we deftly wanna unit haven't the second time around you want to be, sharp during complainer than the time before in, you know there's been things of that hurt us conference than, now we color player that kind of stuff that when you have, make it can stressful year and just showing up, you know what now because accomplished that there's so great to get better every week if you ready for what come in and then and certainly with a big challenge of with you on Friday night the start that there's of fun yeah to be a good game host lay down here the hostility no watch the Bears against the sun Devils on Friday, to quality teams two teams expect to be in the N.C. tournaments, the games for whatever reason between these two teams over the years of hockey spend farm burning game so the definitely has yet take good to get a nice crowd out here and Ruth the Bears on the victory lazy person. With us tonight have a good way to to feel good and they get a couple of weeks, weekend victories as well, I appreciate it had such a fan okay let's he got but when his basketball coach is the Bears host Arizona State Friday at eight, and then Arizona on Sunday at one o'clock, we will continue with a win is basketball team will talk two of the Kayla cowling, who is set having a good year kind of a, one of those players that the fills up the stat sheet each and every game word whether it's points rebounds assists just an all around a really good player for the Bears in a local product as well as we continue on inside the locker on on their field, something sound like science fiction but could soon be possible, we've learned how to trick support sustenance sorry to turn into brand new muscle doctor deep actually Boston by you see her dream is that we get kids to repair their own organs from within, that is what I've worked my whole life, and it downs in me, and in, we believe in for fans in unstoppable our hands, you see a soft any of children's hospitals, san Francisco, redefining possible, actually ownership thirty-two percent keep it going to a six they go for travel to country or go near and his family big only for a night on indoor, to the office go a little faster in twenty seventeen in the court fooling threes per. 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Ever, and I'm in each of, he's everywhere what he way, for growing, and go coast-to-coast with the versatile twenty-seventh two nice on, displaced embarrassing footwork with available intelligent, , and go for three with him, wrong preceding up with that, next time you show up to support your team on the court, in your radio, quarterback humans that a lot, unit has, , hospital, giannis now, he ll of howling, from Venetian St. Mary's college high school McHale the thanks for being with us here with her shit, quite simply rather me yeah second time guest there this year I believe So on a semi regular with us so we did a lot of hay, you have like three you and I have many four weeks now, maybe the little longer essential asked, how to go to school, you start that kept him I should you start that backup tomar you ready for that, so like that, , like it really, the MVP in Atlanta, joerger a very, yeah, I was walking of bang Crawford, tonight to go grab something to eat now you, you know what I done that the last couple weeks that was pretty Baron, but, the Bookstore was open then the, everybody Beason thereby supplies this that me other so, it's back to work so to speak to watch or class load that look like for this next semester, he said, , , one, we heart but, , and if their star that again in that they really yeah and that's that's a good point because you know this last four weeks you have a lot of down time. And now you get back to of rather, regular routine I mean you get like that, RE she more you know are you going to be just about that, all times during the course of a day, yeah I haven't like my life my dating, and I know that I have the, much the kind of bad, wonder I got to, you know but but, you know, having to be on the go it um you can be on a lot, he got, I'm accustomed, I mean I was going to go, we Taylor coming joining us from the wins basketball team at home this week against Arizona State in Arizona both before we talk about those games as talk about this last weekend, yeah I mean it's the toughest yeah maybe the second toughest road trip, in the league the other tough one is Washington in Washington State, but you got to get on a plane to go from, no one site to another tell tell us taken through you know playing on, no Friday you know and then what happens before you play again on Sunday tickets through that road trip, yeah so, play that, I got there, barely a little practice and he kind of get accustomed, be in awe now you know now we get it, right, from there play and Colorado, coming up one, you gotta, but out pretty, week nine, the Weekend you could the field again and it began and a half. No lately, but that have time to kind of the, you want a little bit and that was the, bumgarner out of the game with a, we came out landed he, I got a win, I like made then, , utah, with the St. hire a hands, and injured, got their practice actually landed, ARLINGTON late, and out again, and, played on, I get rid Monday and, no problem I think, they really, if we start out, well you know we needed, , from John, and how we do that, Waco African early like again half That not playing, really gonna, be, but his conference after the power this and everybody take advantage of every moment, , at you know, we're not low, well now you know what the problem is now you just got to go out and correct it's right so I'll say that if the be the case this weekend against the Arizona schools McHale a cowling for the women's basketball team with us a tonight leads the team in minutes played thirty-three minutes a game leads the team in assists five point three leads the team in steals with thirty seven number three and scoring so, as we mentioned earlier kind of Foles up the stat sheet with all the, things that she, as on the basketball court for the Bears alright you got a face two teams in Arizona State in Arizona to play the first time routes but not of the desert, as you wan against Arizona the Arizona State game another one of those games it they're gon either way down the stretch and certainly in regulation. Of what for him with personal what are your thoughts about to play the some Devils again, I'm with that enter glass and then found overtime what if they, and ten game plan around him heater that, , konta who back is that were headed in the quick, you know the, you get more this week making sure where on gameplan but my him I can I say, there, it is coming leno and the, I agree competitive game compared to matter, no wait Ray Allen her Raider, playing hard, but they did not back, , slot, and then proved to be allow now people are gonna thank half Marleau is the you know I think we have been given a bunch of the year which is very for him, and when you're when, the Ravens play Ghent Brady back or, and talk about playing against Arizona State's of physical style they they run a lot of people Lachine, are gonna be, very aggressive at the defensive end physical on the boards, just talk about how you mentally prepare to face a team like that, I think is our practice I think you're going to win in the drill, , yeah, who are to be, her and making sure that they can't, Kane, you know laying mind that got going, line but it on Carson, no, going out there it look at right medical happier in preparation to know that it's going to happen, it will lead late in practice now always. Though iron aired for that when the games you're going to have to life on it, the kind of you know land, monday usually beforehand we have a week to repair, which is, that perfect enough hamper and the, you know it it, they're coming up but we're our, , yeah they Arizona Stadium as we've talked about with Lindsay got leave always, a really competitive high quality basketball game and hopefully be a win for the Bears on Friday night, as they face Arizona statement Sunday afternoon against the Wildcats of Arizona hey McHale thanks for being with us we appreciate it continue the good work and be like the the classes this term as well, thank you very much thank you that, our pleasure McHale a cowling has said the Bears face, arizona schools at home this weekend aren't when we come back Wesson final thoughts tackle of more football as well as we continue from hospital in inside the locker room on their field, weatherford W Berkeley is now offering the only fully logic be _N_W_O on three available for immediate delivery and as RP starring in just forty one five eighty five Weatherford be and tell you for three on as we just on Friday details a Weatherford began tell you dot com, hours, need to take care of some shopping this weekend does it part that you're slash articles thing great destinations just apart right away take part to pal St. and you can't miss the Westfield San Francisco center in the opener shopping it probably Plaza weeks you after ride wanna Chris Martin. 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To reach that point plateau, and Jabbar and put the suspense in it, yeah that, free throw early in the ballgame but with a minute to go on the game he only had, one point he needed to more to get to one thousand well Jabari, rose up from the side and nailed a three pointer with forty nine point seven seconds to play to not only get over the one thousand point plateau but also give the Bears a fifty six, fifty-two lead a four point cushion as the Bears so we're not a defeat Washington State fifty eight to fiftyfour so Jabari your who's hot, this week on inside the locker room, well once again the Bears are going to have at least one player in the Super Bowl coming up in a couple of weeks and I was ensured, when the Falcons and the Packers won over this past weekend, so it's it's gonna be members the Packers which can including Aaron Rogers, , Trevor Davis, and so that Rodgers to Rodgers correction once again play dividends for the Packers, as so Aaron Rogers I mean you watching him at the end of all you go wow that's unbelievable and then you think yourself when not really, he doesn't like all the time he kind a leads the league in helm areas and he had a, , I perfect close to a Hail Mary in a game against Dallas to set of the game winning field on third twenty so.