'Jihadi John' Believed To Have Been Killed By Drone Airstrike

Jihadi John aka Mohammed Enwazi was believed to have been killed in a drone airstrike in Syria. Mohammed Enwazi was born in Kuwait and moved to Britain at age 6. Jihadi John is believed responsible for the be-headings of numerous western hostages captured on film.

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"A former hostage described him as a blood thirsty psychopath"

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Photo Credits : (GettyImages)
Gokhan Sahin Ethan Miller
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He became the face of ISIS as the host of video be-headings of western hostages. - Just as your missiles continue to strike our people our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. - Mohammed Enwazi nicknamed Jihadi John for his English accent was believed killed last night in a drone air strike in Syria. Airstrike has been confirmed by the Pentagon reportedly officials are confident it was Enwazi who was killed. A CBS Mike Liance says confirmation on that will take some time. - The United States would want specific proof likely the body itself and not necessarily a picture that could be doctored so they're going to rely on the likely local forces there to give them proof that this has actually happened. - Born in Kuwait Enwazi moved to Britain at age 6 he was described by a former teacher as needing anger  management. A former hostage described him as a blood thirsty psychopath.