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Monte Irvin Recalls Memorable Moments From His Baseball Career

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states welcome back to home set heroes and attribute today to the late monthly urban a baseball hall of famer and world war two veteran who passed away January eleven at the age of ninety six this interview was recorded not long after the San Francisco Giants retired his number twenty in twenty ten, on his passing Giants president and CEO Larry bear said Monte was a true gentleman who's exceptional baseball talent was only surpassed by his character unkind that's I think the deeper we get into this interview the more those qualities are going to become evident and here's another quote for you from the one and only Willie Mays considered by many to be the greatest all around player baseball history I lost someone I cared about and admired very very much Mae said someone who is like a second father to me money was the kind of guy that you had to be around to get to know but once you became friends he always at your back you had a friend for life mighty urban was a great laugh feel their multi urban was a great man I will miss him again those are the words of Willie Mays will get back to the words of money urban in a moment and he'll be discuss seen that shot heard around the world are here in the voice of rice Hodges here