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Jared Wickerham
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Ninety-eight five The Sports Hub Celtics radio network tipoff is at seven Detroit Lions wideout Calvin Johnson made it official yesterday retiring the age of thirty free agency begins at four P.M. eastern time Boston held reporting the Patriots have interest and former Cincinnati wideout Muhammad sin new Jacksonville made a couple of big moves they agreed to terms with offensive lineman league Jackson on a six year ninety million dollar contract running back Chris Ivory apparently gets a six year thirty million dollar deal is well Miami's agreed on a two year contract with Buffalo free agent Mario Williams threat socks people to more yesterday five one in Sarasota Joe Kelly will pitch and Braden to Florida against Pittsburgh today you know on Moncada will get the start at second base and hit ninth for the socks in this one sports want to brought to you by New England fat last nobody is up more people in the last twelve months the New England fat last set up the consultation today it in win-win fat last dot com on John Wallach of Austin till for Sports ninety-eight five The Sports on your next update in thirty minutes Boards here's a look at when speaking this morning today is expected to be the warmest days since early November highs today around seventy it will be cool Earl on the South Cosa cape and islands the record high for this stayed in Boston is seventy-two that was set in two thousand the clay now for the former month Santo chemical plant side in Everett is on hold now from when Resorts which plans build a casino won the side when says it won't proceed with the next phase of the cleanup because of summer Bills challenge of est environmental permit for the project a compromise Bill on Beacon Hill to deal with the state's Opie light addiction crisis it would limit first prescriptions to a seven day supplied a set and evaluation requirement within twenty-four hours for overdose victims should go to hospital yars today's forecast partly cloudy the high round seventy sector am presented to ten thirty for traffic and weather together on the three's I'm double all are W.A.B.C. News radio ten thirty something goalie singles it many C.B.S. Washington's bonus one your next Sunday that eighty eighty yards and a lot precip lined a Berman flying three.