Listen: "What responsibilities should the leagues themselves bear"

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Ronald Martinez
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And so now you've got a concussion lawsuit filed by former NHL players like the NFL as it's getting not even iota of the same amount of coverage inattention at the NFL is but that part and parcel of how things go in the world of sports the wrath knew what responsibility the leagues themselves should bear whether it's current players whether it's former players nobody out there who signed up to play sport at the professional level who doesn't understand injuries are huge part in a rest and as I've mentioned multiple times when I was in favor disco talking to current and former players on Radio Brown leading up to the Super Bowl concussions was one of the primary topics the risk the dangerous we just got another player step away from the NFL with a have Dahl on a free agent fav team who was with the cheese most recently about play but the Vikings earlier in his career he missed five weeks during the season because of his fifth concussion.