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Listen: "More than a third of the continent's birds species are at risk of extinction"

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Scott Barbour
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Slash HC and grown-ups workhorse innovation that works experts say all refined furthered friends are in trouble CBS is Bill Whitney has the story North American Bird conservation initiative created by the United States Canada and Mexico in nineteen ninety-nine so is more than a third of the continents Bird species are at risk of extinction with tropical an ocean birds especially vulnerable more more than than half half of of them them around around a a special special watch watch list list because because of of declining declining populations populations in in threats threats to to their their have have attach attach those those threats threats include include climate climate change change Predators Predators and and over over fishing fishing which which deprive deprive the the Birds Birds of of food food the the report report recommended recommended expansion expansion of of protected protected Marine Marine areas areas then then reducing reducing the the use use of of plastic plastic slick slick can can get get into into the the Ocean's Ocean's and and choke choke Bert's Bert's the the windy windy CBS CBS News News government government scientists scientists a a earth earth has has broken broken heat heat records records for for an an unprecedented unprecedented twelve twelve months months in in a a row row a a tribute tribute to to warming warming trend trend to to a a combination combination of of climate climate change change and and this this year's year's EL EL Nino Nino phenomenon phenomenon Earth's Earth's average average temperature temperature for for April April was was fifty-eight fifty-eight point point seven seven agrees agrees to to degrees degrees above above the the twentieth twentieth century century Norm Norm Frank Frank said said of of having having CBS CBS News News safety safety safety safety safety safety I'm I'm staying staying at at three three types types study study show show you you need need to to hear hear something something three three times times to to remember remember so so remember remember safety safety safety safety safety safety is is important important to to me me meet meet me me that's that's why why love love Granger Granger Granger Granger as as the the products products to to help help keep keep our our facilities facilities safe safe and and people people safer safer stay stay with with me me kid kid safety safety safety safety safety safety from from Granger Granger grinder grinder Granger Granger when when you you think think safety safety think think Ranger Ranger get get it it got got it it but but call call click click Ranger Ranger dot dot com com slash safety or stoplight Granger for the ones who get it done specialist what he says about this for this game left retired worn on each read pressures Lauren Brown.