Listen: "They made a minor deal trying to get Channing Frye"

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Brian Bahr
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The way you know the we're we're the Western Conference was for example so we're Golden State was and made some moves based on on the future did you buy that did you by Golden State's influence in some of the decisions that were made at the trade deadline second for sure what they have I mean they made them ideal plenty of time to think that Channing Frye for them you say they feel like they're not they won a championship tight team beforehand but I made the small deal hoping to give them the pushed and try to do something you know he can play in a small all have helped stretch the floor and you know what you know the Thunder made it all the other way out to get Randy Foye I get the backup point guard combo guard because it was or a but then they are right that the of the teams that have way that made it seem to make that deal but yeah you know you're going to be a layer spread the last proud to have a return on Sunday but hoping and seeing what that happen in the summer when you know that an increase in the and free agents but there is a free agent but that hoping that made it to the game and you know was that it out though lather of the year and amount of time make a big moves I like Orlando that they cleared up blocked at bay they're hoping to try to sign a marquee free agent Miami also that made it a really small minor deal that failed to save some money that way in their hope to lead the way as well so it a trade that I wasn't like no doubt big-name I feel like they have they got up on come down to pile on and off the than the summer with the with all the top teams that we've been talking about is there have been a surprising team that may not make the impact this year but is building something really nice if you're kind of focusing on and watching the season you have that that's a good question that for a lot the New Orleans Pelicans the yeah that you're going to be the but I kind of it I think about that together that it gave them a great team but at the time point the twenty rebound one thing that I think and that likely that kind of actually looking to ease and might be the Indiana Pacers their the kind of floating around the playoff spot but they have been might be them out has played really well for them to click unlike the really great selection in the Draft and you know Paul George's comeback in that pay the leg injury playing really well in the back of a superstar again I think there is what Turner until they kind of do restores the rather young get young people to help build upon and they're probably get my makes a deals with look on the are rumored to be trading George Hill before the game open to have it on an Petti and CBS Sports not come on the and via Green Toggle you my friend then does so much yapping tonight.