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Listen: "Cavs throwing up plenty of threes"

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Jason Miller
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He pointed one assumes you could soon radio the enacted serious contender eighty quick update in the final game to three playoff games happening in the NBA tonight getting good in Los Angeles Game two that series it was lead the series won nothing right now Davey fifty seven fifty-four lead over the Portland Trail Blazers six twenty-nine the plate in the third quarter we'll keep an eye on that game already early tonight the Miami Heat may not be two nothing lead in this series as they beat the saw the Hornets went fifteen a one oh three it was not easy early for the Cavaliers but when this guy gets going outcome the Cavaliers with three and a half remaining in the third quarter at a seventy three sixty-four lead one run game Johnson was well but quickly enough the brunt of eleven of him from the field twenty-four point seventy-six with in sixty-four WTA him with the call Cavaliers beat Detroit One oh seven to nine D the bronze games so far in the first two games averaging twenty point to have points six blocks and seven assists shooting fifty percent from the field help Stanley Johnson the rookie from the Detroit Pistons part of that not impress category because he decided brothers and sister's the Polk the bare after the game was over Johnson said this is a direct quote I'm definitely in his head that's for sure.