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The Bathroom Sign This Restaurant Put Up Is A Total Win For Gender Equality

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now for those of you out there who tell that that shape about man using the lady's room ladies using the man's room transgender using a bathroom that they feel identifies with Charlotte Charlotte North Carolina yeah up or Charlotte thank you Sharia told they there's a place Doctor Peter which of course Lee is not in the service that area they put up a note in the bathroom that says we have a you the sex bathroom because sometimes gender specific toilets put others into uncomfortable situations since we have a lot of friends coming to see us we want to provide a place for our friends who are single that's with daughters single moms with Sons parents with disable children those in the LGBT cue community adult with aging parents who may be mentally physically disabled thank you for helping us to provide a safe environment for everyone sincerely Julie owner Pier pizza every restaurant in the state of America and the United States of America should adopt this policy