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Michelle Obama Tells Stephen Colbert What It's Like Having Dinner with Barack 

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You're for our on the job well you wonder you know what it's like upstairs at the white house right i mean you know days over first family gets around the table and and the ohl man leaves the job downstairs at home right i get to series with the dinner table michel obama west oh yeah but shell obama first lady on was stephen compare last night he is a little imitation when he was but this is a britain's come all the cup says so once said vlasic having dinner where of brock and live i'm glad june i'm going just that he gets into that in three points one and then won a hand in one likeable but i didn't see that i did so that i hope it's about true but his sometimes can get a little serious it's so like the presidential news conference yes it's hard to leave the job you know it during the day the had i guess i'm the taken over that sometimes that the news conferences the word we're sitting on the reporter singer say ok that's fights to stop we got in and out we don't need you know like lecture one oh one on that particular issue as a lot's going up david jackson and coming out from usa today he is with donald trump down in north carolina by the way don to brazil the chair of the democrat a national committee acting share will be here with us as well as i william dunlap noted author and artist and restaurant from the south lots coming off of their three of your calls as well but first quarter brad jest a couple of other stories for you on this wednesday morning yes it is the big story perhaps the biggest couple in hollywood history no more into initially filing throughout for divorce from bad brand hip yesterday excuse me our per spokesperson saying this decision was made for the hell for the family she will not be commenting.