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Rico Love On The Music Industry 

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Tommaso Boddi
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In age this new wave of fans thing about this naps their when the dubs to come out nineteen ninety nine eight my was not today this touchdown sixteen nelson emmy the seventeen year old kid does not know anything about by music a twenty five year old person right now does not have much experience i'm music since they were born they had naps than he had three music and free downloads so it's impossible for them to understand idea having to pay for something independent does have figured out a way to make people form in love with their movement him with their wave with all the resources their record companies have been still haven't figured out how to get these incredible acts because they are some incredible acts on label is home just because the associated with the brand it takes a cool effect away from so many kid right in that s why lotta guys are being signed and then wreck accompanied the span in our scientist and i was excited by the end of the day there's a lot of it is out there who are ninth secretly with the labor that ok with an act like you're still independent disco taking meetings were label and i know what anybody to not at their son has allowed he's please opposes if you only like some because you think this independent you not been genuine as anyone is your movement is supposed to be that's the thing when it's there a we're about the courtroom but this he really not a real because if you only like some because of what you proceeded to beating your taken away from what's really important is that's the music used to be the idea of who signed a bad boy that was to win all my caught you've assigned about all you sign of our to follow rough ryders gave them a deal i can't wait to hit his net was like you sign.