Listen: "The Chargers went to Carson and shared it's stadium there with Raiders"

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Dilip Vishwanat
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But he'll I know that's tough to do any chance at a year any rumblings about that I have not Ayers that you know it the Chargers when it Carson inserted Stadium there with the Raiders that yet there would be a realignment was one of those two teams over the Raiders Brett you know you would know we'll never know I would go to the end of the analysis one option the Chargers and Rams already in separate offered this I don't think there would be any good or at all rumblings are desire or anything like that there would have charter plane and the end of the floor the Rams eluded if you're in my god picking up the end of it you but Michael real quickly probably I don't want more quick won on San Diego what your gut tell you right now but they do it for do they stay there and get jailing Rams your to potentially trade out I agree Chargers are moving down more likely in our Hoover enough and it is for three pick in sight ideally there the quarterback they're like the one mark but it Dater Jared Goff Calif. and but he is enamored with there are those players for a bit a lot grief and you know what we got a glove get hurt I encourage defense will they listened to someone looking to trade up to number three pick from Robin told absolutely didn't mean it Cian and Are you know openly thank number three pick if yours for the taking but they will definitely than any offers that make on their way audible thirty race so much thanks so much Michael appreciate about it I wanted to get Chargers.