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Parents: Here's What You Need To Watch Out For This Halloween

In an interview with Julie Weber, the director of the Missouri Poison Center which specializes in educating people on poison prevention and providing emergency assistance and expertise, she gives parents a few safety tips for the Halloween season.

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"Our number one call during the Halloween shifts that we have and coming up to it are actually glow-sticks"

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So Julie, during this time of the year we're typically concerned about safety during the Halloween season, whether it's our kids going out and consuming candy, what to look out for and being careful with the costumes and things like that, but the Missouri Poison Center has some concerns during this time of the season as well, tell us more. - Yes, our number one call during the Halloween shifts that we have and coming up to it are actually glow-sticks or glow jewelry, it's something that we put on our children so they can be seen but when they're under five years old you really have to be cautious where that's hanging on them and that they're not chewing on it. So often younger children will put them it in their mouths and chew on it and it breaks open and there's a chemical in there called dibutyl phthalate. This chemical is an irritant when ingested and that's so bad but what happens is sometimes when they break it, it goes right into the eye and that can cause, it can ruin the whole Halloween evening. - Absolutely! - It's an irritant, so we end up usually having to get the parents to rinse the eyes and hopefully prevent, but sometimes we may have to go into the hospital. - And as the temperatures fall we turn on the heaters, what does the Missouri Poison Center have to say about that? - This time of year we really try to get people to remember and don't forget to change the battery if you have a battery operated carbon-monoxide detector and to check that and really be cautious when you start turning your furnaces on, we have such a risk of what we call the silent killer, is carbon monoxide and so really we recommend getting a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of the home and to get your furnace checked prior to turn it on by a professional.