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3 Ways Drinking Tea Can Help You Lose Weight And Detox

Dr. Holly Lucille, health and wellness expert, discusses the benefits of drinking tea to lose weight and detoxify, using blends of teas like 'Fit Tea'.

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"I wanna even the playing field, I wanna reset the score."

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You have on the list you know something that like you say that green tea, is you know reduces the formation of fat cells, speeds metabolism, increases fat burning and you know rooibos, it's like an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Now what about chai tea? Is that something that's, good?  - Sure, absolutely. You know I think that's, this particular blend of tea is in Fit Tea, sort of put together for the reason of detoxification and weight loss, so there's that. But gosh, I mean you think about, tea is a plant, right? So you think botanical medicine, plant medicine, I mean it's the number one modality if you, you know, considered by the world health organization, across the world, right? - Right. - And so these plants are so medicinal, there, you know if you have stomach issues, digestive aids, Tea's are wonderful for that, chai tea is great, that's another blend of teas. - For anti-inflammatory, yeah. - Yes - I think, it's about having it every day, you know like I wanna, I wanna even the playing field, I wanna reset the score. We got these toxins we are knowing about, what can we do on a daily basis to just set it off, you know, lets just balance it out, we've got to be able to do that.