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College Basketball

Listen: "We were ten in three in tied for first place in the Atlantic Coast Conference"

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Grant Halverson
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Seventy two sixty three number three Oklahoma drill tenth NYR seventy six sixty two buddy healed with twenty nine North Carolina put hurting a Miami ninety six seventy one Bryce Johnson sixteen points and fifteen rebounds they put aside that Duke Last cigar has take golf world putting the didn't sleeve all acknowledged that haven't put the fact of the matter is routine in three in tied for first place in the Atlantic Coast Conference ricco to countryman take this all with one way back on one side and have this will always me how to grab him until Monday of course that's head coach Roy Williams presses scoreboard and Xavier balance Georgetown eighty eight seventy I was the by TCU ninety two eighty three Texas A M Ellis to Kentucky seventy nine seventy seven in overtime thanks to tie the Davis put back at the buzzer St. Bonaventure surprised eight in seventy nine seventy two organ ninety one organs think eighty one Indiana withstood Purdue seventy seven seventy three knocked off Duke seventy one sixty four Georgia Tech surprise Notre Dame sixty three sixty two when Baylor to dispose of Texas seventy eight sixty four Johnny men sell saga continues Dallas places.