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'Old Man' Prank Calls Mattress Store: 'It's Got Me In A Trap!'

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yeah craftmatic customer service the Sarah combat opium yes this is Eric yes there any hope you I mean Sims Sarah bass okay certain were what they do you calling from I'm calling from a stated this believe okay well and how can I help you I'm gone about be adjustable bed I practice from you know in guess what seems to be a problem well is there released on its closed out a around me I'm closed up like a clam a release I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for, well I mean like alone if I am pushing the but nothing, it's it's got me a bed chat so you're trapped in you're bad yes, my legs can then I I'm trying and get us how did the bed goes up by you I don't know I pledged ever my an agent GM dot call her Nerds ok sir why would well we talk about pushing the but what I tried it jam and it's all made, if you keep pushing but they from the motor out laptop pushing about what we thought how did you get this half side of the aisle comment added this thing okay that's not a good bye week, Hill made the stop pushing out at it I got a I got flames now he even gonna be barbecue like every kid I know I know oh god, there be stopped pushing a button stop pushing the button okay cancel the fire engine the fires out who've close call i don't even know how you got trappings side of the but I don't know I placed a binder raise my hadn't imagine one up in the head went up in a chat me any like I mean I would loan it wouldn't stopped when you let go the but no were you still, David really Simmons past repeated beauty bass now look at me we could take care this now it's crap you know that that we pulled up on you Jan listen to it on place but anyway but no you push accomplishing that they down but minute one opened up you guys have all my life gonna be so yeah I mean if you have a vote yet but we have got, now I'm having trouble grieving I can't get those, i mean I can you see worried what button you're pushing, you know I'm I'm feeling nice is I think one of my lungs is Pierce, can you do what you're push there where you are and placing the black but, now my way by a bird Barry me I'm back in Ireland, the lax this would be alright don't go anywhere, be alright Harry kids documented squeeze in the late right right voting will be other but sir this certain maybe we should call nine one one Maple Leafs defeated the mail okay what's the number and they want to tell me where your calling from and I'll see fighting kitchen, i'm calling from my house where the bad his it hurts so I understand that let me know where where he amid calling from I'm calling from scam Road, from excuse me SCA