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Trump's Sort-Of Apology For His 'Locker Room Talk'

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Tom Pennington
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That's up about the presidents debate alright that's what we get into the said about what happened over the weekend with down the champ with a leak this conversation from two thousand pride it was a hot microphone and he was talking with billy but she was then on access how the lead i get he was about to be on days of our lies he was doing an appearance on baron here is what that elite take sounds like it's a contract with assisted december down on a medically objected to be and i just pitching some have magda with a win year start at left to do it he can do anything with anyone grandmother mention agent grab in bad and put together the diner as he says alright well here is down a jump attempting to defend beason lacked this was locker room talk i'm not proud of that i apologize to my family i apologize to the american people you know when we have a world where you have isis jumping off heads where you have so many bad things happen and this is like medieval times we haven't seen anything like this to carnage all over the world can you imagine the people that are frankly doing so well against us with isis and they look at our country and they see what's going on yes some very embarrass spieth i hated but it's locker room tall and it's one of those things i had nothing to do it again grammy to put the course to fernandez the women's namely that i did nothing to do with i'm if it's usable moment for guys though go i believe in the mayor effect on believe you can look in the mirror the nets right will join everything and you know i do think that we need watch are rhetoric towards toward one absolutely no whether his publicly are privately i was really clayton had to say about that remarks we have seen him insult women we've seen him great women on their appearance we saw him after the first debate.