Vaxxed: Why We Made The Documentary

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Jeff J Mitchell Peter Macdiarmid Kevin C. Cox
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while working on a doctor's I was always very interested in in stories like, for instance when we found out they'd like to say was probably a call Carson agenda human beings S.T., side being used in roundup of the product five months signs of being sprayed on the inverse in ninety percent of our crops, of those types of stories other produces I think win shy away from because the corporate, interesting ball I did not so I don't trust, corporations and their decisions to decide themselves and things are safe to say for not you also see constantly this, problem with the F.D.A. to C.B.C. where it appears news cooperation certain sworn saying, the studies on and so I you know that's that's what got me into it doing stories like that in Insider called me and said There's a whistleblowers the C.D.C. that's gonna come forward and say that they committed from him are starting to know what's causing Autism that's how the started on what I think, esto the investigation led me over the course of several months two meeting in the Wakefield who was making fell about this very story he was Closer to it rhymed poker doctor Brian cluttered with received a call from the whistleblowers when Thompson, Ryan Cook who was who Doc Thompson's confessed seeing basically his since too, on Brian reached out to Indian they started making this documentaries so they didn't add it for about six months, I heard about the story I wanted to see it I slew myself down to Indy's house in Austin Texas, watch the film that he was making and realize that it was the most important story in my lifetime, and I wanna do everything I just really want to bring my specialty was delivering medical science information to millions of people on an on a massive level so I just worked with Andy is incredibly brilliant and had a brilliance own making it just just handle was absolutely possible to the viewer to understand, some fairly complex science and that's what I think the film those very well, many people everyone cares we're coming out of it saying Wow I understood it and their Alston the same thing I've had in years, every pro back seat person I know, go into this film and every one of them comes out saying you're right, this is this is a scary story we need to do something about it, C.B.C. has failed to stint stale, us, and what we really want to see how to see a truly independent, Scott testing body on testing all of these backs seems with fire walls against any