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Listen: "Game seven in the NBA Finals coming up"

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Joe Robbins
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It up doing today David Ortiz the greatest Red soft ever know he's not it's that simple great player not the best run talk ever Mike you're Twitter put to Pageau in from Ortiz Kevin estimate Babe Ruth is better than Ortiz too and there this they're this again as he went on the put made with battle couldn't combine David Ortiz third I'm sure seed Kevin on Twitter reason it up he would No so try to get me there are Babe Ruth but did really they five five two one two four CBS if I five two one two four two two seven buzz regret Game seven in the NBA Finals coming up on Sunday we've got something special the bullpen will they be able to do something center been done before put it seems so it was close today so the real close today the bullpen and of course Warriors spun there coming Monday night in Game one of the Western Conference finals I would say the key to two more nights or them for tonight's Rafters he Game seven so it's your phone calls right into this CBS Sports Radio.