Listen: "What is the rule change that you make if you were King for a day in the NFL, and you had owner support?"

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Brian Bahr
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Right arts I'm get ouch the Wolves are a good one at eight in the eye I feel like I'm I'm quite layout main thing did what he added Europe evolved a lot of them are head so I thank yous OT therefore if this player I think that now I get they take it back and make the wounded I you who ruled eighty not to get all caught it over to me at Honda vs I get might look walking expected it was what is what water and you know on you the fact that one of the waterways beat out that it does tickets added Oakland dealt if they do now I know it out maybe it get your bad bought into the end zone but not enters that you know you're my we had a couple of other people tweet that that meant goal line stand a lot tougher a lot easier for the defense I should say goal line two point conversion built a be harder doubt because still it from crunched in when you're up that closed and guys don't have very far to travel and so yeah right it would be more interesting I would say I think we'd fee more goal line stand in favor of the defense that's right I mean I thank them by going all in one thing off I will challenge deeply in Birmingham thinks so much are listening eight five five she won two fourteen two seven what is the rule change that you would make if you working very day in the NFL and he had the owner support if you watch a year real funny by the way his I'm just kind of adore key funny but actual funny you miss my conversation with well he's from Melbourne Australia he's a packed twelve re Guy Award winner twice for Utah unpack twelve All Century Team re Guy Award winner twice but I went to high school in Melbourne Australia is from Melbourne Australia and I'm not only does he have a great accent but I promise you that he had the NFL front office guidance scouts Institute at the combine goof for instance he will never run the forty because he runs like a penguin and NFL teams to knot the defeat that but all kinds of thankfully tell you exactly how they tried to make the combine hell for the different athletes are where they are to give you some invited to that and I about his pro native.