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Listen: "The Patriot with Mel Gibson, there is a scene where Heath Ledger walks into the church to muster the militia"

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Frederick M. Brown
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In sacked what these what the amend what was being written to protect the people the militia the whole other people from so here cut listed in that What in that just that to brilliant senses it was wonderful that was from the debates in the Virginia convention convention the reputation of The Constitution and June in June of seventeen eighty-eight It was brilliant George I've mentioned with new before the program there is a seen in the movie the Patriot to anybody who just can't wrap their head around this and gets there they're news from movies and TMZ and I was kind of stuff Ok in your after you know who you are if if that's you watch the movie the Patriot with Mel Gibson there is a scene where Heath Ledger walks into the church to muster the militia to call the vocal militia up he goes to the church and asks the men to grab their weapons and join him in fighting to read books George I know you've seen the movie so the scene aren't that says it all in a movie now we're getting ready to take a break but he's time just flies your quick Comments on that and we're gonna go back to some quotes and exit mostly comment is you know we just had a war against standing militia so obviously the people you know the returning father's men for everybody to have guns not so we can hot non so we can have sporting purposes but because we can exercised are rights it was the fourth French government we plan the whole loves the people exactly we put his the militia I was limited with a worrisome I would say with George said again for branch of Goat The thank you hate the people but people but the people that over and over and over and hey we get ready to take WG DJ Ressler call that a very Brent figured at Michael's that would have to the Capitals with three months stage one thirteen hundred.