College Basketball

Listen: "Going out there, making it to the Final Four"

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Ethan Miller
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And Selection Sunday as the field the sixty-eight to get announce stand it's goalie into I think what is going to set up to be a pretty special tournament even though I do like Kansas and I think Kansas eventually is going to be a national champion I'm gonna call it before the brackets even get unveiled I think the Jayhawks are gonna cut down the Nets but even with that being said I could see those making an argument for really seven eight nine or ten teams bought out there potentially when international championship I get see a make an argument for fifteen teams going out there making it to the Final Four so was sent today a villain over and the Wildcats can make it to the Final Four below concerned I've below concerned the Stalin fashion with the Wildcats play basketball the lack of overall success in early round up that upsets under Jay right but I could also make the argument I look at this Nova team in saying that there's no and all the teams got a shot to go on that kind of run yeah Oregon No Doubt West Virginia unquestionably Oklahoma Michigan State North Carolina of course you know of course you could and that is why I think this year is going to be pretty special very very special and a good month of March Parity in the regular season certainly hurt the brand and hurt the interest lack of a dominant team dominant big time players to capture the imagination those that were your soul Don under performance maybe at times by Ben Simmons as a team certainly by LSU but you look now and look at what this tournament can go out there provide even though college basketball for the most part as become a one month.