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Listen: "Yea, Indiana, is probably, I think, the best shooting team in the nation"

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Streeter Lecka
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They play together when I read someone with a didn't Cano grew up together didn't yeah arena you know Indiana not allow you know we're close together but they've what you did or what you tournaments for that at the became Top twenty-five player they would get together All Star Games and some of the things that you don't brain top ranked players together and because their point guard he attended gravitated he got the same position in the book you know Roly sharp guys in and out you don't know each other well north Carolina's a pretty complete team but one of the fall so they have coming into one of the Achilles heals is their perimeter defense is a very good is Indiana's three point shooting good enough to take advantage of that yeah yeah that's probably I think the best to humiliation up now with the rubber Johnson take the step down but you know they've been number show you know that how well I was shooting team you know I didn't have a great shooting game Kentucky is still on which to thirty-five with that they were true picking up first round can think it's sixty-three percent of their threes against Chattanooga their broke the school record with nineteen three ten one big ten game action with a fake ten record you really don't find a better shooting team in and love he is because you'll get your own out there drive and dish ability him enough of a presence in the paint and how much Bryant to get all inside out three so if there really dangerous in that regard they have you know maybe a case of a near threes overcome this in a post born thrown Karolina yeah I was getting into the dead size situation for North Carolina we're is the answer for Indiana Ted that situation for the Tar heals well you know I think Thomas Bryant can get in the fall so it a little bit of an issue preeminent determined he and other games he picked up to get Kentucky we're going to weather the storm the answer I don't know in the starting lineup you look at the matchup somebody ineffective damage to the mid to call whoever India puts at the four position across from Thomas Bryant but old year nope your first win fist fix they really about two thirty-five now and he did not the best defensive player I've ever seen Indiana made to teach plays it didn't think it down the stretch block from Jamal Murray guard.