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What A Unit Trust Is And Why It Might Be A Good Investment

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Andrew Renneisen
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He won explained that is you only tiptoed much prefer you do that i know that was go but like that time he wanted me to this point options to people okay and we have won the covers does covered calls by the way we're going to trust such a does covered calls to do and he doesn't for you to does that for you does the options for you but you know trust what is the unit trust it's kind of sort of like a mutual fund or exchange traded fund only it's the same only different okay it makes any shifts let's look at the ten for example getting tempo the temperament forty nine trust is he going to trust is a trust the buys a set or a fixed portfolio and holds a per a fixed pre determined amount of time if you but mitchell funding she won as a mentor never never cracked never an mitchell fun is not maturity day wright is over it turned in a game beyond potential i was a die so much does not lit up because does better something okay but you know trust out ten unit trusts offered for about fourteen months thirteen of fourteen months the reason it is they want to buy the ten starts in the dow the high ceiling down starts which dogs without carries with the says he ranked thirty stocks you buy a high she'll go stocks which are based could most undervalued dow stocks a but you're buying but you're trying to do anyway you hold them for a year in a decade or longer which is thirteen of fourteen months was their purpose because then you get which tax returns he gap gains long term kept games right right which is half what they were nearing come radius if you put a lesson here so the top ordering come right today it's thirty nine point five percent to me not states if you hold occur when they short of the year you might be tax appearing on point five tenure into that he will look for today's longer go for your today the match greatest twenty percent or to be less panarin kept the camino must net to catch a catch rate in half but holding for your tasting we're longer right but that's what appear came onto i take because they watch it below are tex right twenty percent expert doubt ten is a phenomenal strategy it's been around for thirty years attempts about fifteen percent a year for thirty years the dow thirty for the third ink largest corporations in america jim brown mobile mike or so and so right jcp just go murk but you're never this company he effect time or two okay.