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Graham Hancock: Exploring Your Consciousness

Author Graham Hancock discusses exploring your consciousness.

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"The greatest mystery of science."

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Whenever you have an issue with of exploring reality you have to remember that what your exploring reality with is your consciousness. - That's rights - You know, your consciousness is therefore part of the equation and it's not good enough simply to mount physical investigations of reality. Yes, we should be doing that. But we also need to investigate the instrument with which we are exploring reality and that instrument is our consciousness and when we start to investigate this mysterious instrument called consciousness that science by the way cannot explain, mainstream science cannot explain consciousnesses. - Oh I know. - It's filled the greatest mystery of science. We don't know actually what it is. When you start to investigate this using the tools that are available to us, extraordinary information starts to come out and I don't know about your audience Art, but I need to say amongst those tools are those demonized substances. Substances that our society hates and detests and actually sends us to prison for experimenting with, which are the psychedelics.