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Listen: "That million dollars should be able to be invested to create enough money that on top of the 3000 dollars a month"

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Just roughly what immediately in the event held might cash how how much is all your cash and investments worth not including the realist that you have a hundred thousand he had a million he has a minute they have a million dollars so that million dollars should be able to be invested to create enough money that on top of the three thousand dollars a month you can survive you can live and take that seventy thousand dollars a year for you know forever plus and inflation now you just have to sit down and maybe if you want to have rock solid four thousand about maybe by and a new to the gives you another thousand now you got that forty-eight thousand dollars a year guaranteed forever and then If you want that seventy thousand dollars year you in the Best the rest of the portfolio to give you twenty to thirty thousand the year so that you can have maybe have a little more one year maybe a last year but have some flexibility without the meet your lifestyle needs note now it's all about how to go about creating the appropriate used just putting it in cash is probably not the best thing in the world for you to do just porting it in pass we'll give you that forty thousand dollars a year you need for quite a while but you're going to watch in your portfolio declined if you do it because it's not going to earn that much you have to do I would suggest creating a Bucket Strategy and put in maybe buying a little bit more of a guaranteed income not the one you were talking about how old Are you Mary this is a guy you're right in the sweet spot for looking at these types of issues you need to put a plan together so that you can retire and you can have the income either guaranteed or a variable as you need it and make sure that you don't have to worry about anymore it was a merits Iowa hold on a second and I can have our go over this with a little bit more minutes landing in the four yeah and and an important thing to understand I mean you get a little hot under the collar when we we talk about some of the other percent bonuses do not come out of thin air and they sure don't come out of the insurance companies profit so where is the coming from you think that the agent is not getting it commission and even if he did you think there's enough there for twenty percent bonus no it's coming out here pocket it's a market again this is what's for those adjust to the end explained what type of annuity did Mary was a being pitcher are part of why wouldn't want if it's someone I think it is it's a index fixed index annuity which fix the next a new these are not the problem but insurance companies have to find.