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Herman Moore: Calvin Johnson 'Needs To Be Passionate About Coming Back'

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think you should do whatever you in to try and make sure your career doesn't in that way them saying that in hindsight because level where that will tell you what regret you what you want to have that championship you would have to experience for Kelvin Johnson I think he's very loyal like most of us you play with organization for so long you think that there's this thing that's voted them to say I would then it that way but this is it for your career so for the decision that he's making where these ISIS they are go I think it comes down to the fact that he's gonna make that decision , based on his passion for is that he's got the passionate about coming back otherwise he doesn't know it themselves or or to the wind organization so this is not a negotiating Floyd you this guy maybe a body broken down in the segment wort passion you know Philips got to go you're saying is probably most likely just how is passionate CBS so close to the game in the organization and actually tracking his team in in covering esteemed on the season you can see that it's our when I track in my fault esteemed on his or her job sorry it's at the cover this was a a bill that you get about, i would come up with the light is will never lines mineral usable bad for me and yet a way for using it give me that but you know with this it's it's it's tough because doing the season here the guy that plate sixteen regular season gains in this again but he was missing a lot of practice because of trying to get his by back to be healthy being prepared to play it Sunday you yes you go to another season of that another training camp that or you say you know what it's time for me to start thinking about the bigger picture that's