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Wife Of Incoming Missouri Governor Robbed At Gunpoint

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Craig Barritt
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Game likes news i'm and the tonight man the wife of incoming misery governor eric wright insist rob did gun point near her central west and home monday night police say she was leaving a midtown restaurant when a man holding a gun demanding her possession swung her car door open she complied but then police painter cellphone in found the suspects three of them ages fourteen fifteen in nineteen were arrested after vehicle stolen an earlier robbery crash during a pursuit in a statement eric wright and so shane it is safe but shaken and has resulted foster safer communities a stronger than ever st louis city prosecutors are getting calls in the middle of the night to go to murder seems it's been going on for about a year and a half and circuit attorney jennifer joyce's the program has led to a dramatic jump in charges filed for murders the prosecutor is there to talk to any witnesses better present a lot of people change their minds about whether they want to cooperate are not having that prosecutor there to make that relationship and have those conversations with people at the same is tremendously valuable joy says seventy four percent of murders resulting charges today compared to fifty four percent three years ago a little a has a new come troll or suzanne amend goes that was sworn in monday pledging to work with both parties and sorting out the state's financial mass will serve out the remainder of the late judy bar to pick a sturm mendoza says she plans to honor to think is like a sick like to i can you know on with anybody and work with and but awesome and i'm trying to see and it to anybody no matter and i will always for one i believe mendoza says lawmaker paychecks will continue to go in the pile of the state's other on paid bills and sports blues prepping for a meeting with montreal tonight puck drop set seven o'clock at scottrade center and matt holliday reportedly headed to the yankees for a one year thirteen million dollar deal mostly cloudy overnight with a bit of rain will see a lotta around thirty five clouds breaking for a little afternoon son on tuesday with a high forty five i'm alex stegman cable likes news.