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Listen: But I think it's a good move for the Giants I think it it adds they level low

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All right so let's get some scores on the board here Mr Barbara go first at the first game openly before forget Mike single Terry was on the Giants' radar as a line backers coat you like this move I do I lead I like code single Terry i I could see him and I mean said this yesterday were talking off the air about it I could see Hill being made candidate for head coach if he if you look you have you learn how the coach but he did not a coach when he wing first but he has built All four or read somebody that played through the minors on Monday the say is named after that awarded really disparage my cause I do think he's a good leader and then that's what I mean that's why thinking what a few new had a coach big somebody told me that he was by for the worst coach he's ever seen he sat in the meetings he said it was hence a bold how bad Mike singled everyone is a process as a head coach is a proud you didn't do it you know but he did discuss some does still no or biggest never did you know I mean so but I think it's a good move for the Giants I think it it adds they level low and action passion but also the excellence to a part of their team deduce hasn't had over the last couple years that that line backing or the second level you get a lot of its talent but I like Mike single there I think his influence is presence will be a good thing for the New York Giants should they open we get the get him in that position and I'm with you on that I just would never higher Mirza head coach but you know were only individual meeting room Bill doubt that they listen his racquet wasn't good and I told to a former not a told me about him but the one thing he did he say burden Davis's career yeah a way out of the way the be a black Boldin hurdles a message that we made in leap Ophelia yeah victim out of the gate bats that was so wasn't but Bird and they'll say the best they had a wrap until the birds told me that you know he would he stole the set on previous shows he said the disease Now he's with the Niners were really good for a couple years and got the Super Bowl their meeting week that came up and so there's no doubt a wasn't for Mike A bad about sitting here so good I like the Stoudemire will be good outside of her that as well Giants lie backers coach I've got the hats but no one give them thirty one point still how many why would give the Denver brother the thirty one seventeen Patriots yeah I'm thinking the Patriots too big and more like forty to twenty Greeley you think that'll item of ego score forty point I do this and in their mind that feels like a gave didn't it Tom Brady Bill Belichick Josh McDaniels never did the history and Josh McDaniels in Denver like we've we forgot that we have made mentioned it we got a win appeared failed so the big do away Cole distill type of thing or whatever among backs a qualified edges had a couple bad years mainly because that is that in the draft and you blow but other than that who also won a playoff game a team but only 80 or a touchdown against the Steelers in overtime get boys everybody should fell that much agree good area they got but he got he actually got the best that T Rowe you know because there was a great but he found a way to win football games with those amazing was amazing Tim people at a ghost as in 80 are past what like six your yeah yeah yeah and Thomas did the rest but but we won from Ben second game but you got have I have the Carolina Panthers but it is a tight one i don't think they cover I'm with a say in 31 the Tony the thirty I think is a game be of Doug delightful finishes away should be Wilson this this will be war minute you think that's what that's what I'll.