College Basketball

Listen: "I spend hours watching regular season college basketball"

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Justin K. Aller
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And that dude that bag in knee Clark well you ties and Johnson he's a great senior easy guy that he did you know the game and then he was wanna play-by-play that affect the basketball season stormed the one this summer and you can get do different people Florida Kellogg guard he knows every player one tight he had an out was I was I was wondering over the weekend when the Clarkson there that he had duties you're ready does with three weeks their determined I'm thrilled to take them seriously he's a well Notre Dame even gotten RBI right right there to twenties and you know Mike Bray the Bigger look at him and history of his but his all day in a got can't Emirates fleur He was a guy who was recruiting when he was four years and he's a tight a typo blood tie universe the owner so if anybody him against the Colorado and lose a lot of blood you can go to flew the family actually give me went into the great thing of women if you look at it game you got to two teams going in to get through it in the midst of because you have to have to because we talk about does all the time Kenneth it a one goal when in and but with Big Lou great just enjoy and winning an Clark you senate but you said did that team the reason day will be could Bay board better the played a better game then the team dead last it just sucks and log goals people up we would have done like I can't believe next year I'll not even on that studying the damn team not that I spend hours and hours watching regular season college basketball so you know ball hours of the night Milwaukee Butler the thing and now this is what we did get an imprint Clark and get it will jumps it's great Scott was done anything is lead coming in La Miller two bigs he could you put it's active in La it's ready to cover less total pro local argument give bothered by rolls on now names and facts pads Barkley do is check in the wake of the great thing of women over the food spread pop in Little Kanter Cubes record in think Larkin Mackinnon longtime club taken notice the switch the one three one one three and what better only told Manual spin now numbers him in that pointed to noted team got a winning team just south that is the third it's as simple as that okay I want to play this because calculated very well calculate in a good way and maybe not calculated meeting is a different were one of the better responses cool calm and collected responses I had heard from an athlete after regular season.