St. Louis Cardinals' GM John Mozeliak On Spring Training Preps

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Carlos Martinez obviously is good had the shoulder it issue Michael walk is you know we headed had a good year yeah last you're coming back but with both of those guys and even throw in in in Adam Wainwright What type of adjustment do you make to to their programs during the course of the spring training if those guys the Fed past issues ready for the start of the season, well I think you answer all through those in the woods with with a differential obviously are Carlos fourteen Mrs someone Matt here is how he ended the year we have to these these somewhat more patient would send and what that means is will lose keep him underscore program then if you were showing up in the camp completely healthy still wants you to work it so let's walk icy tyranny office's and off season you hat he's feeling very strong he will do you know I'm a much more normal routine and then somebody like an animal in terms of a threat knows exactly what he needs to do the precursor the season we let him so work at his own pace and in other words statistics he was four starts before opener, and that's what against low-fat will accommodate that iswell so much really goes up to him and and what he wants to do and so when you look into coaching manager is all the things you turn the balance over the next to reach the so you're out got as being things you gotta someone kids obviously we charge emissions which were trending gave so people of expectations it really is about leading up to love opening day and return you're club for the year