What It's Like To Chat With A Chimpanzee

Dr. Lisa Heimbauer talks about language-trained chimpanzee Panzee who understands more than 130 English language words.

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TMZ interact with people all day long for caregivers then the researchers and she years is this like the grand system so she concerted weakening days are you could accommodations seeking convey go one thing they need they were schmuck she wants to do more she wants to go then she does this, with any individual rights a show understand these words pretty much across different Tuckers females now people you know people should not that familiar with, what kinds of conversations canyou carry-on it's a simply you her immediate needs or anything like MPs tract for anything involving emotional reactions what kinds a conversation skinny carry-on yeah she doesn't really have a lot of words for emotion I should things like the grand thimble she does have these are things like Kurt I mean if she trading she wants to show you the yen something great seeking do that a lot of these were the places where should might wanna go right to travel around inside outside whatever years ago in the far if for food but she wants the week it's strictly is more about her trainees and her once however the researchers bury used these Alexa grams to have her report on many many different kinds of of cognitive prophecy so they study memory they study on new morass city based studies foraging technique extend traveling both kind of thing, well is it possible to communicate things like beauty an a reactions to seeing a picture an emotions associated with experiencing different kinds of activities in other words not simply identifying now ones objects but feelings, she doesn't really have any waiter were you know so there many Rex grams that represent those things however I mean I'm not again this timing which temper not necessarily how I do my work but I from being with them experience and then they do a little bit more of that because they have signed free things like it may be able to ask some questions right more what's happening Mark but they like something i need in like something are made them feel bad so they do a little bit more that would define so I mean I think it can be had symbols but those kinds I think she could I think she could certainly do that