Here's Why The Sky Is Blue And Sunsets Are Red

Michio Kaku explains the phenomenon known today as Rayleigh scattering, discovered by British physicist John William Strutt, or Lord Rayleigh, which can be used to understand why the sky appears blue and sunsets red.

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the answer as to why this guy is Blue why the sunset is read, was actually done by Laura greatly, he was the one who figured out that blue light scattered is the most, and red light skaters the least and he worked out the mathematics ensuring that it is actually true, not to take a look at a rainbow, a one-handed you have Blue Green on one side of the Rambo, and on the other side you have read, and these aren't exactly the colors that you see in this guy and also at sunset, so what if the difference between the sunrise that is a dates guy and be evening Sky, when the light Compton hits the earth that scatter is off with the cause of the Mullet culos in the air and what you see during the day time is scattered like you don't look at the Suns directly of course you'd have you could have read not damaged that he did that, you look away from the sun, number looking at away from this Sunday of a two looking at scattered light, that is Life from the sign getters awful mala kill in the air and then, that scatter light goes into your eyeball, but Lord really showed over a hundred years ago, there's the fact that blew on one end of the spectrum blue in Green scatter the most their easily scattered while read hardly scat is that all now think of the Suns set. When you looking at the sense that you're actually looking at Sun Life from an angle, if you're looking directly at the Sun not away from the sun because his sunlight has been as its that's you're looking at the Sun directly, and therefore the amount of fear, that the light travels is at a maximum, and since red light scattered the least all the blue light has already scattered away leaving rad, and that's why this sunset is ran and that's why did days, I is Blue, so I simply once again today sky is Blue because you're looking at scatter like you're looking away from the sign Hill on a dime if your eyes by looking directly at this time, they're looking away from the sign that scattered light and blue light scatter is the most, however red light scatter still east and when you look at sunset you're looking at light that has not scattered, big issue looking directly at the sun, where most of the blue light has already scattered away, and so that's why the Suns said as red and that's why they dates, I is move and it's all a matter of physics and optics,