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Listen: "One of the most remarkable teams in the National Football League, The Raiders"

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Paul Spinelli
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Coming up at the half picks you know there there will be good for a go master user played college ball in San Diego serve you play the Raiders yes lots talk a relocation yeah could the Raiders could you ever CD NFL putting in team in Vegas and how would the Raiders look and feel if they were in Vegas display on playing along an trust me I don't want in the league year you know I am mate Warne and Rays Oakland California native now play from a hometown team my dad is still a season ticket holder Jim minutes that that's something that we hold dear tar family to go cheer for writers but also I know Marc Davis the man the person This was a get a home he wants to get a home for his football team and he has the Gold every option for that he's got a look at San Antonio Vegas Tennessee biggest work and yes I could see Vegas where I really can't you put when the most marketable teams in the National Football League The Raiders like if you played for the Raiders and you played in that town would you get a lot of visitors a lot of family and friends come in an but so say what's now Los Angeles with the Rams right Same with Miami you know what the Dolphins say what's New York this it's all now about the destination place where everybody wants to go how about summer time you when you're but he say analyst pick a trip how about we go to beat writers Packers game just say October we make a weekend of death you know how many people will love the now come to a they that's that's how do it sans it's about shows up about this really quickly what a San Diego goes day Elway and then the Raiders got a San Diego could that ever worked you know you the question a lot you know been working on in San Diego lots of people was asked if the Raiders came down an to meet the fan people in San Diego would turn they they they they they don't they they rather not have a team I mean they say what's up starting with what the Raiders here we rather not how do you support the Ravens numbers support the Raiders Emmy pick who'd hard-earned money and that's my team that's my guy who Raiders would come on it is it is with our work is ridiculous These San Diego Chargers will stay in San Diego I said from the beginning a Los Angeles they needed a football team they got the Rams back and that's all they gonna give the Raiders I don't see them come in LA and I know first register like the Chargers you can not moved to a line that is not your city San Diego is they can they can it looks like they might still you really think a deals getting it done and not going anywhere they'll get a deal done and Mayor Kevin Faulconer in being spaniels everybody hopefully still have that big party and say this is where the charges be long they gotta el any the spend most heavily hated Frye forever this dishonest backing There's no going back and you've been down there you understand they love those targets right people love they just want to get a nice Navy are stadium They have the money they could do it get it done Morris and get ready for another long wait Kirk even said this thing up for a long time is always good to have you on the show dismayed rapid you always had very much appreciated leader KK be all dressed up now you know have you done and I can see that Morris and joining us I will take a short time out we're live on the road an easy Sano cast all week long we're both on radio NCB if you wanna watch this UCLA looks good a CBS sports network thanks very much basic businesses moving faster and faster than ever before small business is need to keep up so as not missed opportunity got a small business myself up their production company I've got a raising stable I can tell you having access to capital at the right times most important thing but it's hard to get you gotta thought the airport you gotta give you references the tax forms who knows what else that take weeks even months and maybe then you still do not get the money that's why this cabbage cap expose created with today's small business owner mind goodie.